Night Ski

It’s that time of year again we get our Group Night Skis rolling. As always we will have a time we are leaving the shop, a time to begin skiing as well. Plan is to usually get a bit to eat somewhere on the return. This is open to all levels of ability. A great Social way to meet other skiers and see some new trails




Date                 Location                                                  Time (Depart shop/Begin Ski)

Dec 10th      BANTA Trails                                            5:30/5:45

Dec 17th      CASTA Trails                                             5:30/6:00

Dec 31st       Tech Trails- Houghton MI                     Ski about 7:00pm

Jan 14th       Tower Ridge -Eau Claire                        5:30/6:30

Jan 21st       OO Trailhead -Seeley                               5:30/6:45

Feb 4th        Balsam Branch – Amery                           5:30/6:30

Feb 11th       Spooner City Trails                                   5:30/6:00


2 Commentsto Night Ski

  1. Michelle Stone says:

    I’m on call the 10th. Bummer!

  2. April Micke says:

    Excited to hear that you guys are doing this again. I am hoping to be able to make some of those dates.

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