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Birkie Waxing Service 2019
What you receive from our Service?  Both services include full base prep
  • Full Race service will include this along with the HF & Fluro's/Additives spec'd for your wave & weather/snow conditions ( Includes kick if for Classic)
  • LF Service will then include layers for durability and finish of a LF Wax Of The Day (Includes Kick if for Classic)
  • Top coat only will be the Pure Fluro of the day!
  • Kick wax will include Binder, Cushion Layers & Top Coats
  • Kick Wax Needs to be removed prior to us receiving your skis
  • Once we process your reservation we will email you a separate confirmation. Along with your confirmation you will receive the details about your drop off location.
  • Reviews From previous Birkie Service:
  • Birkie 18- The skis were GREAT! Great kick and I had to get out of the track on virtually every downhill because I would run up on people ahead - Steve P. from Colorado
  • Korte 18- Skis were perfect, Won my age group! Thanks so much. - Eric  from Colorado
  • Birkie 16- "You guys nailed it this year. Wax held all the way through. Structure added worked great. As fast or faster than others on all down hill glides. Thanks again!"
  • Birkie 16 -" You are awesome, you give us the best service around. Given the conditions I am not sure what else could have been done. The frustration was knowing I could have been much faster overall if I had had kick in the first k of my race. I was second or third in my wave up to the first minor rise where I had to kick. I was flying with little effort."
  • "Your waxing gave me the confidence I needed to finish my first full Birkie~ so happy to find someone willing to help with the kick wax! On the very first hill, I heard others around me complaining about their wax, and I felt great - ran right up the hills over and over. I was very happy with the wax results. I'll be back~ Thanks"
  • "Excellent work on my skis! I flew past people on downhills, glided further uphills before pushing, and sadly...needed to snowplow to avoid running people over and I had to stop behind walkers on the uphills. I unhesitatingly recommend your waxing service to skiers looking to improve their performance"
  • "I sucked this year. But it wasn't the wax"
  • Birkie 17- "It didn't happen but my skis we FAST to start this year"
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