June, 2012

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TDF Stage Winner Contest

Well folks the 2012 Tour de France has begun. So now it is contest time! This year we will be running a TDF Stage Winner Contest throughout the Tour. At the end we will pick one winner for a $99 Gift Certificate from Out There Nordic Sports along with 20 other Great Prizes. Here is how it works:

– Pick the Days Stage Winner and be entered for the Drawing at the End of the Tour.

– Post on our FACEBOOK Page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Out-There-Nordic-Sports-Camping/132951713390883

Your selection for the Next days stage winner. All post/messages must be completed by midnight the night before the stage. One selection per person per stage.

Your post must include the riders first & last name along with their team

Good Luck!

Summer Training~ The BIG Question?

The BIG Question is “Why” should I engage in off season training. Beacause it will help you in all aspects. The Bikers and Runners say-“Oh I don’t need that, I need to ride or run” Well Folks we do. Off Season training involves a huge group of sports and activities to get you in better shape for the Nordic Season. From Different Dryland specific workouts with Bounding, Jumping, Invtervals, Pole work and more to Road and Mountain Bike riding, Roller skiing and even fun games of Soccer and Frisbee. You will see a huge difference if you participate in a bunch of different activities. Join us “Out There”! You may even see you biking and running get better!

Aquafest Run

The “NEW” Aquafest run today was Great!

Also on FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/#!/TheAuqafestRun