September, 2014

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Another GREAT Birkie Trail Run & Trek!

Another year has flown by and another Birkie Trail Run & Trek (BTRT) is in the books. This year we had over 75 people Out There representing the shop. 2- 6person Relays, 2 – 3person relays, 1 person in the marathon , over 20 in each of the 1/2 marathon, Trek & 6km. Loads of Fun by everyone. Also numerous podiums in age classes, top 10’s in Multiple events and the WINNER of the Trek~ Bill Miller. Thanks to everyone again who got Out There for the 2014 BTRT!


Kris & Bjorn



Deer Fly Chase




REDLINES are Arriving!

The Remarkable MADSHUS REDLINES are arriving. Skate ~ PLUS & COLD & Classic ~ COLD

What will YOU be on Out There this WINTER!

ONEWAY Roller ski Overview

ONEWAY Sport of Finland has a fantastic line up of roller skis. Now they have even more depth to the line up than before with the all NEW Skate 10.  As we look thru the line and the attributes of each ski.


#7~ The Workhorse of the Classic line. This Alloy frame is a fantastic all-around training ski. This will run great for Juniors to Masters. Comes standard with a med-slow bearing wheel. A stable low vibration ride that is a good match for anyone.

#11~ (Carbon) Ideal Real ski feel with nice flex, smooth riding carbon shaft. Ideal for skiers up to 170lbs

#13~ (Carbon) Ideal Real ski feel with nice flex, smooth riding carbon shaft. Ideal for skiers 160-195lbs


#7 ~ The wonderful little ski has a straight Alloy frame. With a wonderful all around ride it is a great training ski. Differing from the Skate 10 by having a straight shaft, not dropped. Biggest difference is that slightly less stable than the 10, although even with the same wheel it runs faster due to less energy being absorbed by the dropped chassis.

#10~ The Workhorse of the Skate line. This Alloy frame is a fantastic all-around training ski. With the lowest drop shaft on the market, it enjoys a wonderfully smooth ride along with great stability.

#13~ (Carbon) This ski is the Audi R8 of the rollerski world. With a Full Carbon frame & integrated fenders, this lightweight super rigid “V” chassis. The return on investment is huge. Even with a Med/Slow bearing rubber wheel, you get back what you put in!

FROST TAPE ~ Direct from Europe


Protect your skin
Being active outdoors in winter can be a great strain on the body, concentration and wellbeing. Frost Tape is a specially designed thermal tape that will protect you and your skin in rough weather.
Frost tape insulates the skin and keeps your blood circulating. Competition and training becomes more comfortable when wearing Frost Tape. Frost Tape is recommended for all forms of outdoor activity during the winter – skiing, ski jumping, fishing, snow removal, hunting, Long distance skiing, running, on-call work and snowmobiling, etc.


  • Pre-Pack FROST Tape for you face
  • Available in Beige, Black, Blue & Pink



This will be available online as well as thru select dealers Nation wide.

Dealer inquires:

~Volunteer Out There~

With all of the events and organizations we support we and the activities many times need more helpers! So we are starting a NEW program for Volunteering. We have a number of events coming up that we could use your help. If you are interested please let us know if you are interested and we can let you know about upcoming opportunities! Email us at Subject: Volunteer

~ For those that partake in such opportunities, rewards will be Out There!