February, 2015

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Birkie Wrap…. Skis were Fast!

We filled our Birkie Wax service once again. Post race we like to survey our customers to get their thoughts. Here are just a few!

– Your waxing gave me the confidence I needed to finish my first full Birkie~ so happy to find someone willing to help with the kick wax! On the very first hill, I heard others around me complaining about their wax, and I felt great – ran right up the hills over and over. I was very happy with the wax results. I’ll be back~ thanks!

– Excellent work on my skis! I flew past people on downhills, glided further uphills before pushing, and sadly…needed to snowplow to avoid running people over and I had to stop behind walkers on the uphills. I unhesitatingly recommend your waxing service to skiers looking to improve their performance.

– Thank-you for the lightning fast skis! They had great kick and killer glide. Definitely will get the service again next year!!

– I could not ask for any better service. The skies were fast, the kick excellent and the advice superior. Thank you!


We feel that sums it up!


Post Birkie ~ Thank You!

Thud…….. Yes that is Kris & I plopping down on the couch yesterday. Well it has been a great, wild last couple of weeks Out There. Great planning in 14′ and great support from some great folks Out There ~ Jasmine Wiley, Annie Rumley,, Justin Rumley, Michael MacMillan, Evan Schroeder and others that helped with the madness of Birkie Week to roll along. From skis arriving from around the Midwest, Busy days in the shop, American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation events like the VIP… Dinner, Opening Ceremonies, Jr. Birkie, Nikkerbeiner & 5/10K, Expo & Then the Birkie Day itself it was a wild, but Fun Week! Thanks again for the support. Those of you who are customers doing business with us ~ (Which then goes to supporting Great Events…) Kris & I will continue to do our part to bring great things to you Out There and we hope that YOU will continue to enjoy & support getting Out There with us! Year number 6 now begins on this great adventure Out There…..

Tusen Takk
Bjørn Kristin & Per!

Birkie Wax Service ~Full.

2.14.15 ~ FULL

Once again it is that time of year when we discuss the Birkie many, many times a day. For many folks the task of waxing their skis for the event is another thing to worry about. For the 5th year we are once again offering our Premium Birkie Waxing Service. This service is completed in shop and includes Full Base prep, Durability Layers, Performance Layers & Top Coats for those who so chose. Also for Classic skiers we will provide Kick Wax application. Each year we set a limit as to how many skis we will take in the shop. Each year we get a waiting list of those wanting to get in. For the 2015 Birkie we are at approx. 75% Full. If you would like to get in on our Premium Service for your 2015 Am. Birkie, Korte or other event sign up TODAY!

Details: http://outthereshop.com/products/birkie-waxing-service-2014

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Family Ski & Nikkerbeiner

Gather with your Friends, Family & More!

Get Out the Knickers, Wooden Skis, and Bamboo Poles!

In 1973, the first year of the Birkie, cross country skiers were sporting the best athletic gear of the day — woollen knickers, wooden skis, and bamboo poles.

You can re-live that era by participating in the Birkie “Nikkerbeiner.” This retro 5K ski tour on wooden skis has been named after the Norwegian word for knickers. This event will take place on Main Street, Hayward, at 3:30 p.m., Friday, February 20th.  The event will start just prior to the Family Fun Ski 5K/10K.


So many choices……..

Waxing, this is one of those things that SO many folks get into a true frenzy over. Yes we enjoy the excitement, but remember “Don’t over think it”.  There are a few basic things to keep in mind when looking at a wax to choose.

1. Air Temp

2. Snow Temp ( can be vastly different) This morning at the shop Snow Temp 4*F, Air Temp 21*F. This can also be reversed sometimes.

3. Relative Humidity and Snow moisture

4. Snow Composition (Dry, Packy, Icy, other)

5. Newness of Snow.

Just some good food for thought….. See you Out There!

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