November, 2015

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CXC Thanksgiving Nordic Festival

Tentative Schedule:

Wednesday, November 25 – Open Public Ski
Thursday, November 26 – Open Public Ski and Ski Demo
Friday, November 27 – Open Public Ski and Ski Demo
Saturday, November 28 – Skate Sprint, Open Public Ski and Ski Demo
Sunday, November 29 – Classic Sprint, Open Public Ski and Ski Demo
Trail Pass will be required and available to purchase at or at Telemark Condominiums office.
Trails will be open to public after the festival.

Out There with a Mission~ Think2ice

NNF ~ Drive for 25 Fundraiser

Help us Support the National Nordic Foundation & Their DRIVE for 25 Fundraiser. To see what NNF does ~

TO join in on Our DRIVE for 25 Page~

Classic ~ It still makes you Better!

Even after about 10,000 yrs of folks Nordic skiing in the “Traditional” or Classic style there are still folks out there that seem to want to disregard this technique. When we look at how the top elite skiers in the world train the answer for 30 yrs has been ” At least 60% Classic” Even this past weekend at the “Out There with Adam Loomis” event someone asked Adam if he ever classic skis ( as Nordic Combined utilizes the skate / freestyle technique) his reply was ” Yes we spend about 60% of our time classic skiing”. Kris & I both being big Classic skiers as well as CXC/USSA certified coaches see the benefits of classic skiing to all skiers. This technique really holds the fundamentals of the sport. From single leg balance to the double pole. One large component of classic skiing though is “Ski Fit”. If you are unable to collapse the pocket or the pocket has to much drag you will not enjoy this technique. With a vast selection of recreational to race ski options there is a GREAT Classic Ski Out There for you! Bring in your current skis and lets look at the fit and see with your goals in mind what can be done with your current skis or what is available in New equipment. We also still offer FULL kick service for the Am. Birkie & other events as well.


Out There with Adam Loomis

You Should Have been Out There!








Join local Nordic Combined skier Adam Loomis at Tower Ridge on November 7th.

Adam will run a fun workout at 4 p.m. for youth ski jumpers, nordic combined and cross country skiers. 

An evening event starting at 6 p.m. will follow at Tower Ridge. The event will feature a silent auction, photos, stories from Adam and food from Mancino’s.

Proceeds from the event will go towards Adam’s team buy-in and travel expenses.

To learn more about Adam~

The Rest of Team Out There ~

Jessie Diggins ~ Energy Raiser Event

The Chilkoot Café and Cyclery in Stillwater is hosting a “super high energy raiser” dinner for Olympian, World Champion and US Ski Team member, Jessie Diggins, on November 1st at 6PM. Unlike previous years, this year’s Chilkoot dinner is not designed to raise funds for Jessie, but is an opportunity to raise and share our energy, excitement and exuberance to help power Jessie through pre-race jitters, tough, slushy climbs, and long gray training days away from home. In addition to last year’s stories and this year’s plans, Jessie will have posters to share. The cost for dinner is $30; call for more information and to reserve your spot at the Chilkoot Café, 651-342-0429.

Details: Last season, Jessie had her most successful season yet racing with her US Ski Team teammates in the World Cup circuit. Jessie earned four top 5 finishes on the World Cup and highlighted her season with a Silver medal in the World Championships, the highest finish for a US Woman in a World Championship distance event EVER.

Despite her youth, Jessie is a US Ski Team veteran with five seasons of World Cup racing experience. When asked about her success, Jessie credits the strong emotional support she receives from the dedicated Midwest community, a group that has a long tradition of supporting active kids and of embracing the joys of winter sport. Jessie’s appreciation for this support has long been reflected in the time and effort she devotes to doing clinics with Midwest high school training groups, writing blogs for the MN Youth Ski League and leading Fast&Female clinics around the world. Since her early days as a MN high school skier, it’s part of Jessie’s style to always extend a hand to help others.