May, 2017

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Outside is Free… Or is it?

So as of recent I have seen many folks utilizing the hashtag #OutsideisFree. At first I thought well that is clever, as there is no valid gym membership, no open hours etc. Although as it has started to crop up more and more I began to think, Outside is not Free. As this pondered in my mind I ran into someone out on the single track one day, a conversation started about the trails and nature and how they felt the best part of it was it was “FREE”. So being the stubborn Norwegian I am I asked them “So all of the volunteer hours, the donations from business, the county, tourism, etc. they have no value?” The stunned look explained it all. The conversation continued and I recognized a different appreciation for the Outside instantly.

I’m not going to rant about weather Outside is Free or not, I just want to ask you before you devalue the Natural World that as people we get to enjoy, that do not take for granted the Public lands, Parks etc that often partner with Trail Associations and others to create Ski Trails, Hiking Trails, Single Track, Alpine Areas and more that it has a Value and it is PRICELESS! You still may not have a Fee to use it but it did come at a cost.

Get Out There and support keeping Public Lands PUBLIC for everyone to use and enjoy

Support YOUR local Trail Group or Association through a monetary donation or donation of your time on a work day.

Remember to #BeOutThere as #OutsideisPriceless

Ski from trees raise monies

This past weekend a longtime Nordic coach and friend gave us a wonderful pair of Madshus Birkebeiners 215cm with  lignostone edges as well. They need some love. So we will be restoring them fully along with new tar & wax**. We will then offer them up on Auction. From May 8th – 12th at

Proceeds will then be donated to the Club in which this coach works with in the UP of Michigan.

** The skis have 3 pin bindings currently. Post Auction we will contact the winner to see if they want different bindings. (additional fees may apply)



4591 Sports Development

This Fall a local organization started in the Barron County Area called 4591 Sports Development.

45-91 is the Latitude & Longitude of Barron County, Programming is offered to Anyone in the Barron County Area

4591 is a 501(c)3 dedicated to Sport Development of Youth to Masters in the Barron County Region of Northern Wisconsin. Developing Nordic,  Jumping & other Silent Sports Athletes.

Summer programming in for is UP.

for details & registration

Get Ready to Roll!

It is time to think about Roller Ski Season. Yes the weather is warming up but it is always best to wait until the roads are clean, get that rest time in from the long season and get ready to ROLL in later May. Each year we have rollerski equipment arrive in the beginning of MAY just in time for the season.

We also offer TEAM pricing for athletes competing in Middle School & High School racing along with JNQ racing. Looking for those prices email us TEAM ROLLERSKI PRICING


Roller ski Equipment-