July, 2017

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Go Gumby! GMVS Summer Camp

Location: Vermont

Athletes: Limited to 6 athletes 

Flyer: Go Gumby 2017 Summer Camp flyer

SPACE will be Limited so contact us if you are interested

Details : Join us for 5 days of training based on the Green Mountain Valley School campus in Waitsfield, VT. Training will include endurance, intensity, and strength work, making use of the GMVS Racing Performance Center and the amazing training venues we have here in the Mad River Valley.
2 Travel days are planned on each end of the trip

Ages: 8th grade – postgraduate year.

LIMITED to 6 Athletes ( 4 spots remain 3.27.17)

Cost: $859 ($475 GMVS Portion / $384 Travel, Food & Lodging) Payment options available

Will include Travel & Camp

Includes: meals, lodging, and coaching by GMVS staff and guest coaches.

Trip Leader from the Midwest will be our Coach Kris L200 Ussa/CXC & 1 other coach (YTBD)

REGISTRATION: http://outthereshop.com/products/gmvs-summer-camp

Camp Dates July 31st – August 4th 2017

With Travel July 29-Aug 6th


First you must plant a seed………

5 years ago a little project started Out There called ~ TEAM OUT THERE.

At first it was Nordic skiers & Biathletes. It has since grown to many athletes from many countries. It has gone to Jumpers, BMX riders (who is a pretty amazing skier) and who knows where next. So if you are involved with a company or organization in the Nordic Community, Nutrition, clothing, gear etc and have interest in partnering with The Team or One of our athletes let us know

Email Growing the Team

If you never PLANT a seed, you can never expect to have a Harvest. We are here to help you plant, remember that.



Roller Skiing- The Joy of Summer

We are fortunate to live in a country that has an amazing road system. Yes not all of these roads are Roller Ski ready but as you travel into Rural America the options are endless. We are super fortunate here in Northern Wisconsin to have loads of nice pavement with little traffic. This past weekend we found a NEW road to us just 15 min from our house. Nice rolling roads, one section with a 1 mile climb going up around 250 ft. A two hour Over Distance Double Pole workout 28km, 3 cars and 1 Tractor. Really it’s like going to the ski trail on a Sunday during football season, you have it all to yourself.

So the QUESTION I have always asked after roller skiing for over 20yrs is

“Why do more people not roller ski?”

I think the answer is quite simple. There are lots of roller skis hanging in garage’s, shed’s & other places not being used. Well why is that? Patience, that is why. Over the years we have coached many folks to the LOVE of roller skiing, and seen 10 times that buy roller skis, get hurt and never roller ski again. We always try to get folks to understand that it is amazing, but you need to take the time EVERY season to start with the basics, balance, timing, etc in Late April & May and when June arrives start to get in more specific & longer workouts. Shops, Coaches, Clubs around the country offer ways to learn to roller ski properly. If YOU want to become better at something you need to take the time to develop the skill, practice & perfect.