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County Hwy Challenge

The County Hwy Challenge

August, September & October 2020

What’s the Challenge

Over the next three months get a picture of yourself getting Out There roller skiing, running, biking, hiking with a County Highway Sign in the pic. Collect all of the Letters of the Alphabet and get a chance to win a $300 Gift Certificate from Out There Nordic

How to Participate

First email us at

  1. We will then set up a google folder for you to upload Your pictures of you getting out there on you quest for the County Road Alphabet
  2. Then over the next three months get out there and participate in some physical activity for at least 20min and snap a pic of you and the County Hwy Sign A-Z
    1. Double do count example: NN, OO etc
  3. At the end of the three months those collecting all 26 letters will be put in a drawing for a $300 Out There Gift Certificate


    • All folks who get at least 25% will receive a prize from Out There Nordic
    • All those completing the Alphabet and not winning the final drawing could also receive prizes
    • By participating you allow us the use of any photos for marketing



Fall Training Gear from Podiumwear

Cycling, Mountain Biking, Trail Running, Rollerskiing- We’ve got you covered.

Team Storefront Closes on Aug 8th

Team Storefront

Password: train2020

A Global Family

Recently we began to ask some of the Team Out There athletes who have moved on to their next stage in life to reflect on the Team. They are and always will be a part of the Team Out There Family, but now they have new roles and we look to them for guidance on how to do what we do BETTER.

We really LOVE to hear their thoughts on what has made the Team so very special over the past 9 years. Yes 9 years ago (almost 10 now) the journey for Team Out There began. We now have a total of 20 current full time racing athletes and 13 athletes who have either fully or partial began to move to their next stage in life. One of the recurring themes from the Family of Athletes is just that the FAMILY. Within the 33 athlete family there are 16 Nations represented. It is totally unfathomable to us to see where this has gone and then we wonder “Where will it Grow”.

During these crazy times of the world we feel that something as small as this group of people can have an AMAZING impact. Bringing together people to share something in common bridges differences that everyone has from their own cultures.

Be apart of something BIGGER than you!

Thank You to ALL of the members of the #BestFamilyOutThere – Team Out There

The COVID Journey Continues

Oh how the World is a changing place these days. If we look back 2 1/2 months we had what we felt was a “Normal” World.
Now as we enter month number three of a World with COVID-19 sometimes there are more questions than answers.
We have been workin thru this NEW WORLD we live in here in Small Town Rice Lake Wisconsin. We have been very fortunate that our local community has not been hit by the potentially FULL impact of COVID 19 as in many other communities throughout the World. After Two months of operating with Online orders and Curbside we are now working with limited hours of Open Doors. Currently we are running Mon- Fri from 9-4 Sat 10-12 and also by appointment. We are following COVID protocol for sanitizing in the store daily and have limited the areas currently open to customers. As we move forward our goal is to continue to provide Excellent Customer Service while keeping the Health & Safety of our customers in mind.  If you have any questions please call the shop 800-252-9583 or email us.
Team Out There Athletes: Team Page
During these new days it is especially hard for the professional athletes around the world. National Teams around the World are working to get back to training in a Safe & Productive way. We are wishing all of the Athletes we work with the Best of Training this off season and the Best of hopes for a full season of events ahead.

Harvard Engineer = Fastest Skis Out There!

Madshus hired a 22-year-old from Harvard University to build the flagship ski

– We really started by throwing most of the established measurement parameters

Now the Norwegian ski factory can launch the newly developed Redline 3.0 a full year ahead of schedule.

This is a repost from


Madshus’s new engineer Connor Green, a young American with a degree from Harvard University in Boston, has helped the Norwegian ski factory to launch the newly developed Redline 3.0 one year ahead of schedule.

The skis are a further development of the skis that Hans Christer Holund went on when he won the World Cup gold at five mileage in Seefeld last year.

“The changes we’ve made to the Redline skis in both skating and classic have proven to make such big differences that we couldn’t wait until next year to launch them, which would be the usual two-year cycle for planned launches,” Green tells Langrenn. com.Cross .

– In a way, Redline 3.0 is a further development, because the shape and geometry of the ski is the same as the 2.0 models. But we have changed the structure inside the skis, changed the materials and the composition of them, and changed the chamber heights, so that is a small revolution, he says.

Fundamentally new
Green has been working on development and testing in the Redline 3.0 project since he was hired at Madshus in August 2018.

He explains that the way this ski is constructed is fundamentally groundbreaking in several ways.

– When we started this ski, we really started by throwing most of the established measurement parameters and traditional development models for ski construction on the boat and started to think completely about what values ​​are crucial to how to build a ski, says he.

Just what is different about Redline 3.0?

– We have changed the construction and the materials to make it easier to produce skis with the right bearing capacity for different driving conditions, we have changed the shape and height of the chamber, and we use more carbon on some parts of the ski. It gives a stiffer ski and more dynamic skiing for both styles, but without compromising the ability to securely attach to the classic skis.

“The result is that all skis are faster, operate in multiple temperature and lead conditions, and they work optimally for a wider range of runners,” says Green.

Why did you fundamentally start over with the construction of these skis?

– Modern cross-country skiing is much more force-based and offensive than many of the traditional parameters for measurement and ski construction were established, says Connor Green.

From Static to Dynamic Approach
Green explains that in the past, one usually measured and based the ski’s properties on load at full compression and half compression, that is, the type in the full kick transfer kick and when skating on both skis, such as when striking or sitting in hockey .

This is partly outdated because the technical development in cross-country has made the runners’ movement patterns today different from when the parameters and measuring instruments were developed.

– Previously, the skis were marked with flex values ​​in kilos, which stated how many kilos it took to push the ski completely flat on the ground. This value was used to pick skis, normally by finding a flex value that corresponded to the runner’s body weight plus 10 to 20 kilos to account for the power the runner generates when kicking.

– Then you would get a ski they could both get in full contact with the surface during the sliding phase and thus optimal sliding, he says to .

Now they would start at the other end, looking at the movement pattern in modern cross-country skiing and what requirements it places on skiing characteristics. This gives both a better ski and it is easier to hit precisely with the ski closure.

– If you look at how today’s world cup runners are skating, they send the power down the skis and the substrate instead of side to side, as they did when the technique was developed in the 1980s.

– Today’s technique requires a more dynamic and resilient ski that returns more of the power the runner develops against the ground.

– It also requires a way of marking skis, which gives a better and more detailed picture of the ski’s properties than the flex values ​​do.

– That’s why we now use values ​​such as balance point and chamber height at full and half weight, which says more about how dynamic the ski is, says Green.

Involves runners in testing and development The
development process for new ski models consists of several phases, and begins with a lot of internal testing. Then the athletes also get to try out the various prototypes, both in formal testing and on running and training.

– Often we get the runners to test skis during interval sessions. One session we often use is 8×3 minutes of competitive speed. Then the runners get six ships from us, plus they have two own ships, and then they go with each ship. We note all the times of the suit and can then compare how the skis behave at high speed, says Green.

For other types of testing, such as chamber height, the ski developers are more concerned with qualitative feedback.

Such tests are also often conducted as interval sessions, but in addition to pure numerical data, the developers are looking for descriptions of specific characteristics of the skis, such as stability, perceived slippage and ski feeling.

– In this type of test we depend on practitioners who are good at expressing meaningfulness and who can observe differences by adjusting the technique to optimize the prototypes we test.

– Therefore it is also useful that several practitioners with different techniques test the skis. They like to highlight different elements and aspects of the skiing properties, and that gives us a greater range of feedback, says Green.

– It’s not that useful to us if a runner says the skis are good. Yes, but good for what? Were they good today? Or are the good ones compared to the other skis you have? And in what way are they good?

– Other runners are very good at describing the experience of the ski, for example if it accelerates well under the foot, whether it feels better, worse or identical to other skis, and whether it responds well to creating speed, he says.

Impressed and humble
Connor Green himself went active cross country as a junior and at university level while studying at Harvard.

The young American is both impressed and humbled that an old Norwegian ski factory with long traditions is so forward-leaning that they dare to throw everything on the boat, start from scratch and take in a newly graduated engineer from a country with no essential traditions for cross-country skiing.

At the same time, Green believes that the background from both skiing and the engineering degree from Harvard gives him a good starting point.

– The Harvard education has provided me with the foundation to teach me how to see the problems and challenges and then find ways and methods to solve them. It is directly relevant to the job here at Madshus.

– And since I’m incredibly passionate about skiing and skiing, this has really become a dream for me, says Connor Green, who is originally from Rochester, New York.


Shop Renovations – We do MORE than just Nordic!

WOW, we are starting the 12th Season now in the shop. Every few years we feel it is good to update the look in the shop. We started renovating at the beginning of April and have a few weeks to go. Things are getting a NEW NORDIC look to things. Though we enjoy this as our other business (Burnell’s Decor) is in the Design Business.

Here are a few pics of some of the spaces- More to come SOON!

A NEW World Out There

April 2020 we begin our 12th season of being Out There. It is really CRAZY to think that time has flown by. This Spring Season has been the most crazy with the COVID-19 situation. Although it has created some more quiet days in the shop, ended the competition season soon for most of the Team Out There athletes, it has been good for a number of things.

REST– One much needed thing that after a long season of race service and/or competition is always great.

REFLECTION – Each Spring we in the shop try to sit down and look back at the last year, see how things are in the shop, service, etc. and see what went well and where there in room for improvement. Also it is a time when we like to chat with the athletes we work with and see their direction for the upcoming season and look to see who maybe retiring from competition and who is interested in working with us in the FUTURE.

SALES– This is often a time where we are motivated to move CLOSEOUTS and are hustling to move the balance of last season’s product, discontinued items, etc. With the current COVID situation we have cut back on this to allow folks to deal with many NEW things happening in their own lives. If folks are looking though we can still help them out.

Moving forward:

At the current time we are still offering shipping of orders as well as curbside pick up. We are working also on ski selection for the upcoming season with Madshus & Fischer for both Jr & Adult skiers. This is something we ultimately would like to have notification for by April 30th 2020.

Shop Hours– We are always available via email

We are normally in the shop currently Mon- Fri from around 9am until 3 or 4pm. If you do not reach us ALWAYS feel free to leave us a message and we will get back with you.

Where do we ALL go from here?

We are working hard to continue to bring you High Level Service, NEW and exciting products and NEW Training Opportunities and much more.

Thank You for everyone’s continued support and we look forward to seeing all of YOU Out There Soon!



Redline 3.0 – #SeriouslyFast

The Norwegians are #BornToSki and Madshus the Oldest ski manufacturer continues to lead the way in INNOVATION. When the REDLINE ski entered the market a number of years ago it started to change the feel that Fast skis give as you glide down the trail. Madshus has continued with that innovation with the 1.0 & 2.0 versions. Well now we are looking forward tot the 2020/21 Season and once again they are leading the way with the NEW 3.0

(Pic is of some of the current DEMO’s we have in 3.0 skate & classic)

If you are interested in getting some 3.0’s under YOUR feet for the next season email us 

We are currently getting things together for ski picking for next season.  Our partnership with the Madshus Race Room in Norway allows us to have fantastic ski picking  for the Jr, Elite & Master athletes we work with.

March 2020 MN World Cup

We are putting together a package for folks for the Fastenal Parallel 45 & The MN XC Ski World Cup event happening next March in Minneapolis at Theo Wirth. This will include Transportation (Charter bus) to and from the Rice Lake Area, Event Tickets for the World Cup Sprint Events and Food. There will be limited space for this to approx 26 people. We hope to have finalized details up within two weeks. Please let us know if this is of interest to you. From the few folks we have spoken with we think the spots will go quickly.

Better get a SPOT soon as we have 2 spots left (10.25.19)MNWC2020

Let’s All Get OUT THERE for the FIS Cross-Country Skiing World Cup!!!


Scholarship Program

Looking to do a Camp this next Summer? 

Interested in Scholarship Opportunities from Out There Nordic?

As we are always looking for ways to be Out There Growing Nordic we are implementing a NEW Scholarship Program. For athletes who utilize Out There Nordic race service at the Youth Cup, Junior Cup or Senior Nationals events they will have the opportunity to apply for Scholarships to help off-set the cost of Summer Training Camps beginning in the Summer 2020 Season. The Application Period will open in Early February 2020 and be open for approximately two weeks with the Scholarship winners being announced around April 2nd. 2020. This is only available to athletes utilizing OTN for Race service and for camps with USSA Clubs, or Regional & National Governing Body Programs. Stay Tuned!