Ski Jumping

Nina Lussi

She came to the Out There Family on a recommendation from her teammate & long time training partner Tara Geraghty-Moats. She has been a Fantastic addition. She is a THREE time National Champ, an Amazing Person and Tough as NAILS!

Nina, a native of Lake Placid, NY, has been jumping since she was 8-years-old. She used to ski race on the weekends, but needed something to do during the week, so her parents signed up Nina and her older sister and younger brother for ski jumping. Two short years later, a fearless Nina launched herself off the 90-meter jump and was hooked.

She is a recent graduate of a winter sports school called Skigymnasium Stams, in Tirol, Austria. As a young teen, she quickly progressed in her ski jumping and it became impossible for her to improve as an elite athlete and go to traditional high school, so she moved to Stams where the school’s main focus is on balancing skiing and academics. She’s now fluent in German – an asset her team members say they can’t live without these days.

Nina is a multi-talented athlete who has competed in the Junior Olympics for cross-country running. She kite surfs in the summer. At 5 feet 10 inches, she’s officially the tallest woman ski jumper on the World Cup circuit. Nina is an avid and talented photographer and aspiring writer.

She continues to make leaps and bounds in her career, capturing her first Continental Cup win in Falun, Sweden in March 2014.  Going into the 2018 Pyeongchang OL Nina had a solid first jump at Olympic Trials. Her second jump she crushed the distance but sadly had a crash after the landing and torn her ACL. Her mission on her recovery was #MakeTheAclGreatAgain and she did so. Now back and stronger than ever Nina is looking forward to a great season after her National Champions title this past summer here in the USA.