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Night Ski

It’s that time of year again we get our Group Night Skis rolling. As always we will have a time we are leaving the shop, a time to begin skiing as well. Plan is to usually get a bit to eat somewhere on the return. This is open to all levels of ability. A great Social way to meet other skiers and see some new trails




Date                 Location                                                  Time (Depart shop/Begin Ski)

Dec 10th      BANTA Trails                                          CANCELLED Due to Windchill Warning

Dec 17th      CASTA Trails                                             5:30/6:00

Dec 31st       Tech Trails- Houghton MI                     Ski about 7:00pm

Jan 14th       Tower Ridge -Eau Claire                        5:30/6:30

Jan 21st       OO Trailhead -Seeley                               5:30/6:45

Feb 4th        Balsam Branch – Amery                           5:30/6:30

Feb 11th       Spooner City Trails                                   5:30/6:00


CXC Masters 19/20

Our 2019/20 Season is just getting rolling. If you are interested, Join us for a session!

Contact us to Learn about the program & registration options available

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The NEW Masters Season is here! Join us Out There

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Wax Clinic- NEW Location

We are going to be hosting a waxing clinic at the Brickfield Brewery! This Great Brewery is owned by some longtime family friends. They also Dairy Farm and grow much of the grain for their beer also.

So join us to learn about a multitude of waxing brands, best practices and some awesome BEER!


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