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For many years the Hanson family has been a part of Nordic skiing and Nordic ski racing. From back in the day’s of the Kann Brothers shop at Mt. Hardscrabble & years of participating at the Nordic Woods “Bobby Schmidt’s” Wilderness Loppet races to now participating an Worldloppet events we have always tried to enjoy our Nordic recreation from a family friendly stand point. So starting in 2009 we discussed opening a shop in Rice Lake that geared itself to the recreation  & racing Nordic skier.

In 2010 we opened and are bringing a “New Approach to Nordic” with varied products, a different retail environment. Much like many of the Traditional Nordic Shops in Europe ~ A distinct setting. The name was dreamt up by Kristin (who was introduced to skiing when she married Bjørn) “The most important thing is not if you won or not, but if you got Out There!” So if there is something you are looking for, or need help with things such as wood skis to go out and enjoy a ski and some coffee over the fire to the ultimate in Nordic training technology let us help you along the way.

Stop in and have some coffee or some stories.
We hope to see you soon.

Kristin & Bjørn @ Out There

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  1. Hi Kristin & Bjorn

    Jim Kelley sent me over to your web site. I am looking for a pair of skate rollers (used or new). I bought new boots 2 years ago for pilot bindings so I bought an extra pair of pilot bindings from Jim last year in anticipation of adding a new pair of skis or rollers. THen the Cyclova shop closed. (I am in Amery).

    I get over to Rice Lake once in a while so I’ll try to stop in next time I’m there.

    I also would love to find a training partner in the area, someone I can ski with once a week or so. I am a hack, and a beginner even though I have been skate skiing for a few years. I am also a biker and very frustrated that I am unable to transfer my bike fitness to the skis, so I need lessons, instruction or just need to get out and ski with people that can help bring me up a bit in my ability. I live close to the Balsam trails so that’s where I ski mostly.

    I was a track bike sprinter, so I’m not in to long long distance skiing. I am built more for sprinting (6’3″, 230 lbs and more fast twitch than slow). My bike is on the trainer now for the winter, although I still get out on the mountain bike and fat bike in the snow. I would love to find someone similar to me that likes biking as well as skiing. They don’t have to be a sprinter, but someone that can challenge me to get better.

    I also would like to race a few times this winter on skis to test my progress, maybe get to Elm Creek 2 or 3 times this winter for their 5k time trial series.

    If you have a bulletin board or some place to post something to find someone to ski and bike with once in a while, that would help motivate me to train.

    Thanks. I hope to stop by your shop some time soon.

    Mark Carey
    Amery WI

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