About us @ “Out There”

For many years the Hanson family has been a part of Nordic skiing and Nordic ski racing. From back in the day’s of the Kann Brothers shop at Mt. Hardscrabble & years of participating at the Nordic Woods “Bobby Schmidt’s” Wilderness Loppet races to now participating an Worldloppet events we have always tried to enjoy our Nordic recreation from a family friendly stand point. So starting in 2009 we discussed opening a shop in Rice Lake that geared itself to the recreation  & racing Nordic skier.

In 2010 we opened and are bringing a “New Approach to Nordic” with varied products, a different retail environment. Much like many of the Traditional Nordic Shops in Europe ~ A distinct setting. The name was dreamt up by Kristin (who was introduced to skiing when she married Bjørn) “The most important thing is not if you won or not, but if you got Out There!” So if there is something you are looking for, or need help with things such as wood skis to go out and enjoy a ski and some coffee over the fire to the ultimate in Nordic training technology let us help you along the way.

Stop in and have some coffee or some stories.
We hope to see you soon.

Kristin & Bjørn @ Out There