We offer a unique selection of ski service options.
Please review the options below and see which service
is the best fit for you. If you have other specific request
please give us a call 715.234.4505 or email us at

Jr. & Elite (Sr) Race Service

We Do offer Specific Race Service for (JNQ) Junior National Qualifying Races & US Senior Nationals (22′ Soldier Hollow UT)  Please EMAIL us for more information

9.17.21- Most age groups are now FULL for the 21-22 Season JNQ’s (Junior Cups in the Central Region). Space still open for US Nationals

Please Contact us for availability. email


General Race Service

We also offer Race Service for skiers participating in the American Birkie/Korteloppet along with all other events (ie: Pre-Birkie, North End, Mora, etc) please contact us for details – EMAIL

Wooden Ski Service

We will quote all repair service before starting!

  • Lignostone Repair: $29.99 and Up
  • Basic Wood  Ski Glide Waxing $24.99
  • Basic Tarring & Wax service: $39.99
    Skis only require tarring & base wax
  • Complete Tarring & Waxing Service: $69.99
    Skis will be stripped, sanded, tarred and waxed

Modern Ski Services

  • Essential Waxing: $39.99
    The basics in glide for both waxed and waxless skis to help protect the base and give basic glide
  • Improved Waxing: $49.99
    Good training wax system. Will be more temperature specific and give better longer lasting glide
  • Preferred Waxing: $79.99
    Race day is here and you are looking for very good skis. Wax of the day type situation
  • Superior Waxing:$99.99                                                                                                                              Vasaloppet here we come. You need wax to be durable, fast and to last at least as long at the Great 90km Vasa in Sweden! Spare nothing.
  • Thermo Treatment: $59.99                                                                                                                          Base saturation is a key to a ski’s performance Thermo treatments use waxes made specifically for this purpose. After a Stone Grind or on New Skis this is a great way to build up (Approx 15 layers) the wax in a ski base
  • Summer Storage $24.99


  • Grind Options: All run $69.00
    • Cold Ultra FINE: This extra fine linear grind is unbeatable in cold, dry snow. This is especially effective in very cold, new snow conditions.
    • Cold Universal: A Super grind for skiers in colder regions relying on one pair of skis. 0’F to 30’F, Fresh to moderately transformed snow
    • Warm Universal: It is especially effective in machined and hard packed conditions from 20’F to 35’F and is ideal for moderately to heavily transformed snow.
    • It’s Warm: Great for spring corn snow or that dreaded race in the rain. 32’F +
  • P-tex Welding: $15.00 & up
    May be necessary if there are deep scratches in your ski base

Alpine Ski Services

  • Essential Waxing: -$49.99                                                                                                                                The basics in glide to help protect the base and give basic glide
  • Preferred Waxing – $89.99                                                                                                                              Race ready skis in glide

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  1. My 40 year old wooden skis need new or replaced bindings. Original were the tgree prong type. Can you help?

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