Newly Prepared Skis- What Next?

First Of Thank You for your recent ski purchase. One thing we often noticed in the Nordic industry was that when folks purchased NEW skis the shop was not preparing the skis for use. Kind of like buying a car with flat tires from the dealer. So when Out There Nordic began in 2010 we decieded that one of the levels of service that we would provide is to “Air up those tires” befor you head on down the trail.

Here is some information about the process, products and what is next!


  1. First we brush out the skis with a SWIX Soft Steel brush to make sure there is no debris on the ski.
  2. Then we heat in a layer of SWIX BP99
  3. Once this has cooled, we repeat the process 2 more time of heating, cooling & reheating
  4. We Scrape & Brush (SWIX White Nylon) out the SWIX BP99
  5. Next we heat in a layer of SWIX BP77
  6. Allow this to cool & reheat in a similar fashion to the BP99 one time.
  7. Once cooled we can Sracpe & Brush (First with the SWIX MED Bronze) Second with the SWIX White Nylon, leaving the ski ready to ski or leave covered for storage

Once the ski is ready to go you can expect approx 60-70Km (37-44 miles) of skiing before the skis should have additional wax applied. At that time it can be done with liquid or spray waxes, ironed waxes or brought back to the shop for us to do a Hot Wax Service.

If you have questions about application, products or services please reach out to us

via phone (715) 234-7765 or email


Thanks again for getting Out There!