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Bjørn & Kristin Hanson – Proprietors


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  1. The start says 180kit. I’m not sure what the kit is I need a set of 180cm poles for skate rollerskiing

    • Hey Steve, KIT’s are just without the grips being glued. That way someone can cut them down without removing grips. If you order them, we always contact our buyers to see if you want grips glued and to what length if buying a KIT. Thanks

  2. I see that you have some super nano classic boots in close out that might for me. I’m wondering what your return policy might be as I would like to try both the42 and 42.5 to find the best fit.

  3. Hello Hope you and your family are doing well….
    I’m wondering if you will be offering the Madshus Race Pro Intelligrip this season??
    Do those come w the new NIS Move binding???

    • Hey Charlie, Thanks for the well wishes. We are stocking the Madshus Redline, EnduRace & Nordic models in the Intelligrip. The Redline & EnduRace are Move compatible. We can certainly get in the Race model as well.

  4. I have 5 or 6 pairs of wooden skis, I have been collecting but we are selling the farm and downsizing, perhaps you might want them. I don’t want much, maybe we can barter. They need to go. Asnes, Kronenburg, all 3 pin 75mm.

  5. Hi! I’m hoping to find out what the length of the IDT Skate Jr rollerskis is? They’d be for a small high school racer with a size 40 boot. She’s about 110lbs. Hoping they’d work because I can’t find the IDT skate anywhere! Thanks for any info.

  6. Good morning Bjorn. I just purchased a hat as part of Ian’s fundraiser. Do not ship. If possible I would like to pick it up when my 3.0 skins arrive at the shop.



  7. Hey Bjorn,

    I’d like to purchase some Fischer RCS plus skis with bindings for my daughter, Zoey. She’s about 5’5″ and could use an all-around ski to flex in the 135-45 lbs range. Do you have anything you could ship to Alaska?



  8. I am volunteering to help the BACC in Barron out with possibly holding a XC ski class on the BANTA trails. My husband and I would be instructing interested adults. Some of the folks interested have equipment but we may have to rent some so I am reaching out to you to see if you could accommodate maybe 6 – 8 skiers. We would do this for three weeks in a row on Monday evenings. If so, could we get a package price? We know we would need height, weight and shoe size. For now, we would stride.

  9. The wax I got from you yesterday turned that snow from unskiably sticky nightmare crap into glorious perfection….I am blown away! Thank you so much!!!

    I was wondering, is there a Rottefella binding out there that doesn’t fill with ice while you’re skiing (such that release and reconnection becomes very difficult), and if so, is it a terrible idea to re-drill skis and change bindings? Would it be wiser to just get a new set up?

  10. Looking to get my wife set up as Xmas gift. She is new to the sport. What would you recommend? Thanks!

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