Leki Spin Pole

The Spin includes all of Leki’s signature Nordic Walking pole features in an affordable, value-oriented model.

Lightweight, high tensile strength aluminum shafts, Trigger Shark strap system, and the original SpeedLock adjustment mechanism make this an all around choice for fitness walking enthusiasts.


  • Features
  • Trigger 1 Glide Zone: The classic first generation strap for easy click-in and click-out.
  • Trigger 1 V2 Strap: The classic individually adjustable strap for easy click-in and click-out.
  • Speed Lock: High holding force. Fast adjustment. TUV certified. Adjust your poles to the most convenient length with Speed Lock.
  • Aluminum HTS: Super stable, extremely robust, and very durable.
  • Flex Tip Short: More precise pole use and perfect grip in nearly all terrains.
  • Power Grip Pad: Optimum grip on paved surfaces with a long lifespan. Made of vulcanized material.
  • Weight: 16.4 oz without rubber tip