We offer a unique selection of ski service options.
Please review the options below and see which service
is the best fit for you. If you have other specific request
please give us a call 715.234.4505 or email us at

Jr. & Elite (Sr) Race Service

We Do offer Specific Race Service for (JNQ) Junior National Qualifying Races & US Senior Nationals (22′ Soldier Hollow UT)  Please EMAIL us for more information

General Race Service

We also offer Race Service for skiers participating in the American Birkie/Korteloppet along with all other events (ie: Pre-Birkie, North End, Mora, etc) please contact us for details – EMAIL

Wooden Ski Service

We will quote all repair service before starting!

  • Lignostone Repair: $29.99 and Up
  • Basic Wood  Ski Glide Waxing $24.99
  • Basic Tarring & Wax service: $39.99
    Skis only require tarring & base wax
  • Complete Tarring & Waxing Service: $69.99
    Skis will be stripped, sanded, tarred and waxed

Modern Ski Services

  • Essential Waxing: $39.99
    The basics in glide for both waxed and waxless skis to help protect the base and give basic glide
  • Improved Waxing: $49.99
    Good training wax system. Will be more temperature specific and give better longer lasting glide
  • Preferred Waxing: $79.99
    Race day is here and you are looking for very good skis. Wax of the day type situation
  • Superior Waxing:$99.99                                                                                                                              Vasaloppet here we come. You need wax to be durable, fast and to last at least as long at the Great 90km Vasa in Sweden! Spare nothing.
  • Thermo Treatment: $59.99                                                                                                                          Base saturation is a key to a ski’s performance Thermo treatments use waxes made specifically for this purpose. After a Stone Grind or on New Skis this is a great way to build up (Approx 15 layers) the wax in a ski base
  • Summer Storage $24.99


  • Grind Options: All run $69.00
    • Cold Ultra FINE: This extra fine linear grind is unbeatable in cold, dry snow. This is especially effective in very cold, new snow conditions.
    • Cold Universal: A Super grind for skiers in colder regions relying on one pair of skis. 0’F to 30’F, Fresh to moderately transformed snow
    • Warm Universal: It is especially effective in machined and hard packed conditions from 20’F to 35’F and is ideal for moderately to heavily transformed snow.
    • It’s Warm: Great for spring corn snow or that dreaded race in the rain. 32’F +
  • P-tex Welding: $15.00 & up
    May be necessary if there are deep scratches in your ski base

Alpine Ski Services

  • Essential Waxing: -$49.99                                                                                                                                The basics in glide to help protect the base and give basic glide
  • Preferred Waxing – $89.99                                                                                                                              Race ready skis in glide

5 Commentsto Services

  1. Tim Mikula says:

    Can you sign me up for ski waxing for the birkie.

    Let me know what else I need to do…

    Tim Mikula

  2. Roxanne Sullivan says:

    My 40 year old wooden skis need new or replaced bindings. Original were the tgree prong type. Can you help?

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