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Madshus- Even Better

Madshus- Changing the game again!

US Ski Team Athlete Hailey Swirbul sums it up in a recent message from her

“I’ve got my new fleet! I have been testing on the glacier and am absolutely loving them”



The Red Line 2.0s will have totally redesigned geometry and side cuts – especially the skating version 2.0 where geometry changes the company describes as “revolutionary”.

RL 2.0 will have totally new base material. No, there still will be old good Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWP) more commonly ( if wrongly) called P-Tex. The properties of the new base, however, will be very different to what we all are used to, Madshus says .

Perhaps, more significantly, for the first time in many years ( and please correct us if we are wrong here) any ski manufacturer would use for its top model UHMWP not supplied by storied Austrian Isosport!

Per Wiik, Madshus marketing & racing department boss says “We looking into very limited quantity introduction for loyal dealers with racing focus for late fall 2018” Translation: if you are one of those people who absolutely must have the latest & best, start schmoozing your local dealer already now!

The rest of the folk would see the RedLine 2.0 in the fall of 2019.


Want to get yours? Pre-Order commitment by Sept. 5th for Nov-Dec 18 Delivery 




released from : Daily Skier


The MADSHUS Propulsion is the ski that is changing the face of Distance Classic Marathons.

In the past decade the Double Poling technique in Classic has had a gigantic evolution in distance & sprint races around the world. So much to the point that MADSHUS has developed a Classic ski just for that technique. The Propulsion has an entirely different flex than other traditional classic skis.

HERE’S HOW While double poling, the skier’s weight is evenly divided between the two skis – both in the power and the gliding phases. This is different from skating or classic skiing. Focusing on this, the ski does not need to be engineered with a wax pocket camber or to hold the full body weight when skating. Instead we can design the ski with one thing in mind: gliding efficiency. Without having to worry about the dynamic movement of skating or the wax pocket of classic skiing, we engineered the Propulsion ski with even distribution of pressure points throughout the whole ski and a compliant but stiff camber profile which work together to provide more powerful accelerations, better glide and higher top speed.

This season we were the ONLY Brick & Mortar retailer to bring these skis to the US Market. We have been shipping them from Alaska to Quebec! We have a limited number of pairs left available along with the Madshus Super Nano Classic & Skate Boots!

If you want to complete YOUR quiver of skis contact us today! Add Propulsions to my Quiver!

The Newest from Madshus!

We are pleased to announce that we will be the ONLY Brick & Mortar Nordic Retailer in the US market stocking two NEW items from Madshus for the 16/17 Winter Season!

First: Madshus Super NANO Classic Boot

The Super Nano Classic Ski Boot is one of the first classic ski boots to use an integrated carbon base specifically engineered for classic ski performance. The Super Nano Classic Boot delivers flex and spring that maximize kick while simultaneously providing torsional rigidity needed for top race performance and control. This boot’s one-piece Integrated Carbon base wraps through the boot’s arch and around the heel, coming together with our RevoWrap™ upper for a seamless fit all around.

Pair the Super Nano Classic with our Redline Carbon Classic Ski and you’ll have the ingredients you need for groundbreaking, World Cup performance.

Second : Madshus Propulsion Double Pole Ski

No Kick wax on these Classic Skis. The Madshus design Team has created a Classic Double Poling ski with the Ultimate in performance for distance racing. 3D Geometry & Fast Acceleration Camber was developed to increase the speed of the ski on the flat & UPHILL. This is done through specific pressure distribution throughout the entire ski!

This Ski dominated Podiums  last season in the Swedish Vasaloppet & the Nordenskiöldsloppet (220km)

These skis will not be available officially to the masses until 2017/18. Select Nordic retailers were offered them for this upcoming season. PRE-Ordered only! We will be the ONLY Brick & Mortar Nordic Retailer stocking them in the US market! Over 65% of our incoming stock is SOLD! 9.14.16

Super Nano Classic 16


Amazing Days in Falun! Let’s Support some Athletes!

Today 2 Amazing US Athletes got their payday! Silver (Diggins) & Bronze (Gregg) in the Women’s 10km Freestyle race in Falun Sweden. Years of hardwork and dedication to training & the sport paid off for these two. Congrats!Falun Fundraiser 15'


REDLINES are Arriving!

The Remarkable MADSHUS REDLINES are arriving. Skate ~ PLUS & COLD & Classic ~ COLD

What will YOU be on Out There this WINTER!

REDLINE Demo Center

We now have a fleet of the AMAZING REDLINE Skate skis in the shop to demo! If your interested please email us at


More info on this ski:

Solda & Madshus Clinic

We will hold the First Official SOLDA of Italy Wax Clinic. Ben Dubay of  Madshus and SOLDA will be on hand to discuss the unique products that SOLDA brings to the marketplace. Also this evening he will discuss the Innovative Products brought to the table from the Oldest Ski Manufacturer Madshus of Norway! Dinner will be served with this clinic ~ Mama Mia it’s Italian!

Begins at 6pm!

SOLDA Waxes are now available Out There! We are carrying the fantastic specialty products from SOLDA. Also if you are looking for other SOLDA items that we are not stocking we can get them in for you! Soon to be on our website but it you do not see them email or call 800-252-9583

Madshus Demo Day

Ben Dubay from Madshus will be doing a DEMO Day in Rice Lake Starting at Noon! Check Back for more details!

Get Out There and try the latest MADSHUS Products!

Stocked up for the 12’~13′ Season

Well folks from Boots & Skis to Clothing, A New race Suit, Wax and more we are filling to the brim with NEW NORDIC products. We the season rapidly approaching, stop in now for the BEST Selection on the BEST products OUT THERE! FYI a small portion of the products we carry are on the site so if you can not find in there, stop in, email~ or call 800-252-9583 today!

Fall & Winter products arriving!

For the past week we have been getting loads of Fall & Winter items in. CRAFT, KARHU, Madshus, ONEWAY & More. Get in to see the biggest selection of Great stuff for the 2011-2012 Fall Winter Ski & Run Season!