The Details:

We will post pictures with the “Out There” sticker/Logo in the image. Your job is to read the clues and figure out the location. Once you have an Idea please e-mail ( ) us your answer. Please only one answer per clue/per day. The if you get the location before we get to 5 clues you will win a FREE pair of Socks. Clues will usually post between 8-9am. One winner per round. Also if you have a picture of Out There send it to along with 5 clues and we will get them up also. If no one guesses your location~ You win the socks!

The Clues: Round 23 Started 4.12.19

1. I might be a tributary but I’m not that short

2. I am the 4th from the Gulf

3. I get an Ounce near Superior, not a Pound

4. Oh I’m a Wild River

5.The River of Spongy Ground

Our Winner is ~ No Winner this time ( Photo from Ryan Urban so he wins)

Location: Totagatic River