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Madshus – Progressive in Many Ways

Madshus being the OLDEST ski brand in the market today (1906) may not be the biggest but they are one of the most progressive…..

  1. Supporting Women in Sport! Team Out There athlete & Women’s Nordic Combined Pioneer Tara Geraghty-Moats has recently signed with Madshus. Growing up she skied on Madshus and always loved the products. Heading into the 2019-20 Season we spoke with Madshus and they came back to Tara with a great opportunity and excited to see where she and the sport of Women’s Nordic Combined is headed, in the USA & the world. They maybe the Oldest Ski Brand but they as their Norwegian Heritage and progressive in equal thinking.
  2. Ski Technology. When Madshus debuted the Redline ski it was a shift in the feel of a ski on the snow. They have continued to revolutionize this with the launch last season to select retailers (we were one) of the NEW Redline 2.0. Or as we like to say 2.ohhhhhhhhhhhh . They are AMAZING.

Loss of a Nordic Great- Inge Bråten

I awoke yesterday to a number of messages from Norway informing me that our friend Inge Bråten had passed away. Even more was the surprise that Inge had Cancer. 63 years young – now gone. I last spoke with him only 3 weeks ago and talked about plans for the 2013 Vasa & Rennet. He told me at that time he was taking some time off from commentating due to some voice issues. We can not bring back the past but only move forward and try to do for the Nordic World what Inge did. Although many times he may not had been in favor he always was trying to push the envelope in the nordic world- ” A New Approach” as he would say. For those of you who attended the 2011 Inge Bråten Clinic hosted in Marine On St.Croix by Out There & FruitShare~ Feel lucky! As Inge told me about 1 month after the clinic, ” I have coached teams in Norway, Sweden, Switzerland & Canada now the group I had at Marine – They are my US Team!”  A Wonderful Man with Wonderful Vision.

Hvil i fred!