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Ride this Summer! Out There Kits now on the Team Storefront!

The Team Storefront is now Closed. Those whom ordered stuff is set to arrive around May 17th. If you are interested in an Out There Bike Jersey, Tank, Bibs or Shorts please email us at info@outthereshop.com

Once again it is Summer Riding Season! We are working again with Podiumwear for our Cycling kits. Made in Minnesota products that are amazing. If you want to see the fabric, we have a jersey & bibs in the shop. Otherwise get your orders in. Storefront Closes on April 13th! Then they will get them made and out there to you in early May! Questions please give us a call or email us. We set it up with the Team Storefront to get you the Best Products at the Best Price. We get the satisfaction that YOU want to be Out There. Thanks Again!


Password: ride16


International orders as always will ship with no additional charges!




2014 Bike Kit orders

With Biking just ahead we are placing orders for the 2014 Out There cycling kits. Once again the great folks at Podiumwear are helping us with this. Like all of the rave reviews from out OT Buff’s, Race Suits, Warm ups and 13′ Season Bike Kits these will be GREAT. The shop has the BLACK kits up now and will soon have the white kits and vests up. Storefront will be open until March 23rd at midnight. That way we can have the stuff to you by the third week or so in April.

Team Storefront:


password: bike14

Bike Kits?

We folks we have not started to sell bikes but we have many customers requesting Bike Kits. They Love the Race Suits & Warm ups from Podiumwear so they have requested MORE! Well we want to deliver so we once again have partnered with Podiumwear www.podiumwear.com to provide you the BEST Bike Kits Out There! We are doing orders thru our Team Storefront.


Password : OutThere

Or the DARK Version


password: blackout

The Storefront will close June 30th at midnight.