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Cold, Dry and Abrasive snow.

Birkie Wax recommendations are coming out, so if you are looking for fast skis? email us info@outthereshop.com

Ski Waxing service for the American Birkie.

Ski Waxing: Cutoff time for the Birkie will be Tuesday (2.22.11) @ Noon. All skis must be dropped off by that time to have them ready for pickup on Late Thursday/ Friday for a Fast 2011 American Birkie. Thanks much

Wooden Ski Service

Well we are proud to be one of the last places in North America to offer tarring, waxing lignostone repair and more for your wooden skis. For more info check out our Woodies page on the “Out There” website: www.outthereshop.com

And for more woody info visit www.woodenskis.com