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CXC Masters Programming

97cxc-logoThe question so many folks have is “Why pay for Training”








– Fees given to CXC are to support the ENTIRE program from Youth to Adaptive.

– A Benefit is your Masters Programming

– Use of a Local Strength Facility

– Instruction on all aspects of Technique and Ski preparation

– Wax Service for 5 Midwest Events

– CXC Gear

– Donation to a Tax deductible 501C3

– Great Social interaction with others in the Nordic World

– CXC Training Camps outside of Regular Masters Dates!

– Much, Much More!

For more info and to sign up: info@outthereshop.com



Sept 9th & 23rd

Oct. 28th

Nov. 11th

Dec 16th

Jan. 20th

Feb. 3rd & 17th

Registration: http://centralcrosscountryskiassociation.cmail1.com/t/ViewEmail/r/A616075346D462AD2540EF23F30FEDED/9DAF5A907E144FDEBA4AF9908B8D85ED