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Bike Kits?

We folks we have not started to sell bikes but we have many customers requesting Bike Kits. They Love the Race Suits & Warm ups from Podiumwear so they have requested MORE! Well we want to deliver so we once again have partnered with Podiumwear www.podiumwear.com to provide you the BEST Bike Kits Out There! We are doing orders thru our Team Storefront.


Password : OutThere

Or the DARK Version


password: blackout

The Storefront will close June 30th at midnight.

Out There Race Suit for 2011-2012

Here we go Folks! The First Out There Race Suit artwork is complete. There will be some additional logo’s on the leg and possibly on the left chest, otherwise this is it. Black, White & Orange

Order one online here!

The first round of orders need to be placed by Dec. 16th 2011. Cost is going to be $175 + tax. This is OUR cost on these great suits from Podiumwear (Made in Minnesota). For Online/CC orders there will be a $10 processing fee since we are not making anything on these suits. More details check back or email us at info@outthereshop.com




Out There ~ Race Suit?

So the other night, I had someone bring up the point (Bob ) that Out There really needs to have a race suit set up for the 2011-2012 season. If so we would come up with a suit for Men & Women and looking to see who might be in on this. -Image included is only a referance.

2011 Fat Tire

We would like to say a BIG CONGRATS to all of the participants in the 2011 Fat Tire especially the local Herd Of Turtle riders for a great showing! With Team 10 Kay finishing as high at 35th Overall!

-Josh Moe, Matt Nelson, Mark Bittner, Greg & Bronson Crites, Nate Lillie, Dave Martin, Noah Michaelsen & Many More!

Team 10 Kay News!

New updates on Team 10 Kay!


For more info: https://outtherenordic.wpengine.com/documents/10KMembershipOutline.pdf

Team 10 Kay

Look for more news coming soon: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Team-10-Kay/199275386751557