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Wax Clinic- NEW Location

We are going to be hosting a waxing clinic at the Brickfield Brewery! This Great Brewery is owned by some longtime family friends. They also Dairy Farm and grow much of the grain for their beer also.

So join us to learn about a multitude of waxing brands, best practices and some awesome BEER!


RSVP to info@outthereshop.com 


So many choices……..

Waxing, this is one of those things that SO many folks get into a true frenzy over. Yes we enjoy the excitement, but remember “Don’t over think it”.  There are a few basic things to keep in mind when looking at a wax to choose.

1. Air Temp

2. Snow Temp ( can be vastly different) This morning at the shop Snow Temp 4*F, Air Temp 21*F. This can also be reversed sometimes.

3. Relative Humidity and Snow moisture

4. Snow Composition (Dry, Packy, Icy, other)

5. Newness of Snow.

Just some good food for thought….. See you Out There!

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SWIX Wax ~ New for the 14′-15′ Season

SWIX Wax of Norway will be overhauling their entire glide wax line for the 2014-2015 Season. Always brining top level products to the Nordic Market this next season they will do that again. The CH, LF, HF, HFBW line will now carry an X after the number ie: CH4X, LF4X…… An entire new group of Cera Products a NEW HVC COLD liquid among many other things. Look for this new stock arriving to the shop in the Fall of 14′

– Along with the #5 product which has only been available in Race Service will now be available to the Public.

SWIX Wax Clinic & Fish Boil

Do not miss the Annual SWIX Fish Boil & Wax Clinic. Join us for the 3rd Annual SWIX Clinic & Fish Boil. Last 2 years we have gone thru 20lbs + of Great North Atlantic Cod, 20lbs+ of Potatoes & 1/4 Barrel of Microbrew. Learn about the Great SWIX Line and some of the things SWIX is doing on the International stage to promote Nordic Sports!

START- Waxing, Taring & Pasty Dinner

Let’s START of the Nordic season with a bang! This clinic will go over the extensive START wax line from gliders to kick, we will also go over tarring & prep for Wooden Skis and Wood Ski performance waxing. The night will START of with a Pasty dinner. Please RSVP so we have enough Pasty! See you Out There Soon! Dinner at 5:30pm with clinic to follow about 6pm.

RSVP~ info@outthereshop.com

Fall/Winter Waxing Clincs

Well the Season is upon us once again. Time to start thinking about ski waxing! Well within a month we will have a fantastic new wax display in the shop. Starting in November (which is coming up fast) we will begin our series of Nordic ski waxing clinics. On tap for the year we have the following:

*START ~ Waxing, Tarring & Pasty

*TOKO ~ Waxing & Fondue


* Women’s Only Nordic Ski Waxing Clinic & Wine Tasting

* Kick Waxing & Micro Brews~ Just never enough options

* And MORE!

We hope to see you Out There This Fall!

TOKO Wax Clinic & Fondue Dinner

The Fondue was GREAT ! 15 Wonderful folks showed up had some wine, great food and learned alot from Mike! Another Great Wax clinic. If you missed it make sure you make the SWIX Fish Boil Clinic on Dec. 2nd!

START Pine Tar & Waxing Clinic & Pasty Dinner

Pasty, Pie,Wine, Beer, Conversation and some wonderful education from Evan our START Rep. Looking to learn more about this Amazing line of Glide & Kick waxes. Stop in for a visit.


Tonight we are hosting a START Pine Tarring/ Wax Clinic & Pasty Dinner. Come learn about the amazing products for both Old World & New Tech grip & glide from a world leader in wax technology, From START to FINNISH! By the way START is from Finland!


The vast majority of SWIX wax has arrived. We brought in a number of new items, along with the greats from the past. Stop in and see the full selection of SWIX wax & accesories. So SWIX Clothing will arrive!