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Birkie Wax Service ~Full.

2.14.15 ~ FULL

Once again it is that time of year when we discuss the Birkie many, many times a day. For many folks the task of waxing their skis for the event is another thing to worry about. For the 5th year we are once again offering our Premium Birkie Waxing Service. This service is completed in shop and includes Full Base prep, Durability Layers, Performance Layers & Top Coats for those who so chose. Also for Classic skiers we will provide Kick Wax application. Each year we set a limit as to how many skis we will take in the shop. Each year we get a waiting list of those wanting to get in. For the 2015 Birkie we are at approx. 75% Full. If you would like to get in on our Premium Service for your 2015 Am. Birkie, Korte or other event sign up TODAY!

Details: https://outtherenordic.wpengine.com/products/birkie-waxing-service-2014

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So many choices……..

Waxing, this is one of those things that SO many folks get into a true frenzy over. Yes we enjoy the excitement, but remember “Don’t over think it”.  There are a few basic things to keep in mind when looking at a wax to choose.

1. Air Temp

2. Snow Temp ( can be vastly different) This morning at the shop Snow Temp 4*F, Air Temp 21*F. This can also be reversed sometimes.

3. Relative Humidity and Snow moisture

4. Snow Composition (Dry, Packy, Icy, other)

5. Newness of Snow.

Just some good food for thought….. See you Out There!

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