The Future of Waxing in NOW!

In 2022 we began a partnership with SWIX to bring the best in the world of waxing to the forefront.

We began this project with creating a State of the Art World Cup level service space at the shop. From a blank slate we built this space from the ground up. We took an area from our remodel and dedicated it to being a Fully Fluoro FREE wax space. With an entirely new room constructed, electrical, lights etc we made the space that allows for waxing in a clean, well lighted & well ventilated space. (See Below)

In addition to creating this space we also partnered with SWIX to bring the first SWIX Wax Vent into the United States to take the health of our service staff to a NEW level. 

As a part of this project we are also providing SWIX with Race Service Test results on products. As a first, this project does not involve only SWIX racing products. We provide high level race support to Jrs, Srs & Elite racers across the United States. With that we work with all of the performance wax brands in the marketplace. SWIX agreed to have us provide test results to them in a true independent fashion. SWIX vs the competition. As a part of that we periodically receive NEW test products from them and others to throw into the mix. We do want folks to know that to keep these findings true our partnership does NOT have SWIX providing us with waxes. We purchase the waxes from them and the other brands on our own for our service and then give results purely based on our testing, not in any way else. 

With our work over the last Four Seasons with NEW Fluoro Free products we have to say the FUTURE in HERE and SWIX is leading the way in products, speed & durability. Other brands have begun to create niche, select products but when it comes to an overall, fully developed Fluoro Free product line SWIX has it.

This project continues to evolve and we look forward to the new products, application methods and tools coming in the future. Stay Tuned for more details.

Interested in a visit to the Service Space for a Demo? Email us at