Are you tough enough to be a Skier?

This is really a question. Over the last few weeks we have had weather that has been getting folks fired up for the Nordic Season. Now though we have had a week were it makes you wonder if it has been worth it.

STRENGTH thru Adversity-

That is the name of the game in Nordic Sports (XC Skiing, NoCo, Jumping, Biathlon & Alpine)

Be it training or competition the weather plays a huge factor, though the mental toughness gained through those experiences it what creates AMAZING People.

From a three hour over distance run or roller ski at 90f to a delayed race start in January to get the temp to rise up to -4f what other sports get to have this much fun. In today’s world for some reason folks have gotten tuned in to complaining. For goodness sakes for complain to people they do not even know on Social Media in so absurd it is crazy.

Remind yourself that the things in life that give the most reward are those things that most often have had the greatest challenges. In the world of sport that is why the stories of those who had made it to the highest level have such amazing stories of adversity, hardship & more. And when asked if they would endure it all again, they all seem to say yes. So be it your first season as a “Nordic Athlete” or your 50th overcoming the challenges of training & participating can be large some days, but remember one little thing………………..


You still get to be Out There and do it!



3 responses to “Are you tough enough to be a Skier?”

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