County Hwy Challenge

The County Hwy Challenge

August, September & October 2020

What’s the Challenge

Over the next three months get a picture of yourself getting Out There roller skiing, running, biking, hiking with a County Highway Sign in the pic. Collect all of the Letters of the Alphabet and get a chance to win a $300 Gift Certificate from Out There Nordic

How to Participate

First email us at

  1. We will then set up a google folder for you to upload Your pictures of you getting out there on you quest for the County Road Alphabet
  2. Then over the next three months get out there and participate in some physical activity for at least 20min and snap a pic of you and the County Hwy Sign A-Z
    1. Double do count example: NN, OO etc
  3. At the end of the three months those collecting all 26 letters will be put in a drawing for a $300 Out There Gift Certificate


    • All folks who get at least 25% will receive a prize from Out There Nordic
    • All those completing the Alphabet and not winning the final drawing could also receive prizes
    • By participating you allow us the use of any photos for marketing



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