GMVS Camp – Great Training, for Skiing & Life!

This summer our Coach Kris ventured EAST once again to coach at the GMVS (Green Mountain Valley School)   Summer Camp. This year along with her went Coach Michael Young from the Great Lakes along with 4 Wisconsin athletes and one Michigan athlete.  The trip helped grow these young athletes ability to travel, meet and train with athletes from other parts of the US and around the world. (A number of athletes from the Italian Ski school – OSZ Mals) This Year they had the opportunity once again to participate in a training day at the Jericho Roller Ski Track as well as the APP Gap Challenge, one of the races in the NENSA  Roller Ski Race Series.

Along with many days of great training in beautiful Northern Vermont they also were able to participate in a day of skiing and seeing how their times stack up against Ludvig Jensen@Luddeyo the World’s Fastest 100m Nordic Skier.

Be ready as you never know what NEW Training Opportunities may lie Out There!

App Gap Video

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