New Season ~ NEW Stone Grinding Partner

We have decided to change up our Stone Grinding Service this Season! We have been please with the service provided in the past but are looking to take your skis to a NEW level. We are partnering with NEW Moon in Hayward for Grinding Service this season. With grinds being tested on Local Trails we hope these grinds which have been showing to run better and better over the last few seasons can help bring NEW life to your Skis!


Old Man Winter Cold Grind —

Approximate temp range: 20F and colder, fresh to lightly transformed snows. Perfect for your cold day race skis, this is an ultra-fine, linear grind for the really cold days on the trail. A fine linear pattern minimizes friction on cold, fresh snow crystals and is recommended for those days you walk out and hear the snow squeak under your feet. Old Man Winter is a shallow, low-impact grind that can be refreshed and repeated many times. Extremely popular in the Upper Midwest and Rockies.

Universal Cold Grind —

Approximate temp range: 0F to 30F, fresh to moderately transformed snows. The Universal Cold is a versatile grind that will bring new and old skis back to factory condition with fast, flat bases. We recommend this grind if you ski one pair of skis in many different conditions. This versatile grind works especially well for highly variable Midwestern and New England snow conditions, including new snow, moderately transformed snow, machine-tilled and man-made snow — always a safe choice for the high school or citizen racer. A super grind for racers relying on one pair of skis. Single pair owners skiing in regions with faster snow transformation due to freeze-thaw cycles, heavy traffic, or heavy tilling should consider the Universal Warm grind below.

Universal Warm Grind —

Approximate temp range: 20F to 35F, moderately to heavily transformed and refrozen or icy snows. Transformed snows are the real key here, more so than temperature. This is a moisture management grind ideal for regions or calendar periods with freeze-thaw cycles. Perfect for glazed classic tracks – even well below 20F. This can be an excellent race grind for late season, but not for wet, slop snow or corn snow. For slop see the “t-shirt grind” below.

Skiing in a T-Shirt Warm Grind —

Approximate temp range: 32F , wet slop or corn snow. We’ve all been there, and you must be ready with some special skis. As the title suggests, this grind can channel water like a rain gutter, — a necessity for warm weather racing. Intended for 32°F and warmer, this grind utilizes deep channels to handle snow moisture and reduce speed-killing suction, while helping your skis move over wet transformed and corn snow crystals that are associated with warm-weather and spring skiing. Are your sleeves and tights rolled up? Are your boots soaking wet? This is the grind!


Contact us for more details!

Grinding will begin for the season in Late October 14′