Ski Assessments- When & Why?

Each year in our newsletters we talk about Ski Assessments. Often those skiers who are growing (Juniors, Collegiate, etc) are in beginning in late March to Mid May then again in the early Fall to make sure that their equipment is sized correctly. The Recreational & Master skis often do not think about it until there is a problem or they are looking at NEW equipment.

We at Out There really like to look at the Ski Assessment visits as a great time for education. Over time even if our bodies are remaining the same our skis do change, we do not do this to just get you to buy a new pair of skis, but to take the time to see what your skis are saying. Has have gotten stronger & changed how you pressure a ski, where is the pressure translating into how the ski pressures the snow, has your ski lost camber? There are just some of the items we are looking at. Along with checking binding operation, base quality & potential damage, Re-Marking of Classic wax zones etc.

This past season with low snow, hard artificial snow and more we had folks asking more questions about things they noticed when skiing then ever. These assessments give you the knowledge to understand your skis & your skiing better.

Take the time to learn more about your skis and make your ski experience a better one.


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