Summer Nordic Walking

For the Summer 2021 Season we are getting back to doing some of our Nordic Walking Events. This year along with a variety of locations over the summer we are also utilizing this as a Fundraising Event for different organizations. The Fee to participate is that you supply a donated items for the specific Organization. Below is a list of Dates, times, locations & organizations.

We hope to see You OUT THERE this summer!

5.31.21    1:00pm     Blue Hills Trail 

6.6.21     2:00pm     Pipestone Quarry

7.11.21     1:00pm     Hoffman Hills

8.1.21      1:00pm      IATA Straight Lake Segment

9.5.21      1:00pm      CASTA Trails

RSVP to if you plan on attending incase of weather  or related adjustments

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