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Roller Ski Options for the Summer Season

We are excited to have great NEWS regarding some Great rollerski options for the 2019/20 Season. Last Season we started handling the Rundle Brand out of Canada. We had fantastic feedback on these skis. In their skate line up both the FLEX and Velox had amazing performance,speed and durability for their price points. This season the Velox has been upgraded on a number of fronts to the RUSH. We are excited to see what our friends North of the border have come up with. The NEW Kids on the block in the US market is IDT of Norway. The ski of Klaebo & the rest of the Norwegian National Team.
Stay Tuned for more info, Demo times & More.

Roller Skiing- The Joy of Summer

We are fortunate to live in a country that has an amazing road system. Yes not all of these roads are Roller Ski ready but as you travel into Rural America the options are endless. We are super fortunate here in Northern Wisconsin to have loads of nice pavement with little traffic. This past weekend we found a NEW road to us just 15 min from our house. Nice rolling roads, one section with a 1 mile climb going up around 250 ft. A two hour Over Distance Double Pole workout 28km, 3 cars and 1 Tractor. Really it’s like going to the ski trail on a Sunday during football season, you have it all to yourself.

So the QUESTION I have always asked after roller skiing for over 20yrs is

“Why do more people not roller ski?”

I think the answer is quite simple. There are lots of roller skis hanging in garage’s, shed’s & other places not being used. Well why is that? Patience, that is why. Over the years we have coached many folks to the LOVE of roller skiing, and seen 10 times that buy roller skis, get hurt and never roller ski again. We always try to get folks to understand that it is amazing, but you need to take the time EVERY season to start with the basics, balance, timing, etc in Late April & May and when June arrives start to get in more specific & longer workouts. Shops, Coaches, Clubs around the country offer ways to learn to roller ski properly. If YOU want to become better at something you need to take the time to develop the skill, practice & perfect.

ONEWAY Roller ski Overview

ONEWAY Sport of Finland has a fantastic line up of roller skis. Now they have even more depth to the line up than before with the all NEW Skate 10.  As we look thru the line and the attributes of each ski.


#7~ The Workhorse of the Classic line. This Alloy frame is a fantastic all-around training ski. This will run great for Juniors to Masters. Comes standard with a med-slow bearing wheel. A stable low vibration ride that is a good match for anyone.

#11~ (Carbon) Ideal Real ski feel with nice flex, smooth riding carbon shaft. Ideal for skiers up to 170lbs

#13~ (Carbon) Ideal Real ski feel with nice flex, smooth riding carbon shaft. Ideal for skiers 160-195lbs


#7 ~ The wonderful little ski has a straight Alloy frame. With a wonderful all around ride it is a great training ski. Differing from the Skate 10 by having a straight shaft, not dropped. Biggest difference is that slightly less stable than the 10, although even with the same wheel it runs faster due to less energy being absorbed by the dropped chassis.

#10~ The Workhorse of the Skate line. This Alloy frame is a fantastic all-around training ski. With the lowest drop shaft on the market, it enjoys a wonderfully smooth ride along with great stability.

#13~ (Carbon) This ski is the Audi R8 of the rollerski world. With a Full Carbon frame & integrated fenders, this lightweight super rigid “V” chassis. The return on investment is huge. Even with a Med/Slow bearing rubber wheel, you get back what you put in!

CXC’s Igor Legacy Camp~ Huge Sucess!

Over 50 under 14 years old skiers from all around WI and MN at the Igor’s Legacy Camp in Iola, WI. All kids and coaches are camping at the Iola Winter Sports Club.

Here is a link to photos from yesterday session: https://www.facebook.com/cxcskiing/posts/746905115352231

Summer is here, but it goes FAST!

Two weeks ago we still had fire in the stove, today it is nearly 85 f.  With less than 1 month to the longest day of the year here in the Northern Hemisphere. After that within 60 more days the leaves begin to turn. So the weather is nice~ Get Out There.

Great Roller Skiing~

These past couple weekends have been FANTASTIC to Get Out There and Roller Ski. Soon there will be SNOW to ski on!

Annual HWY 48 Roller ski- 1800+ ft of climbing

We had a small group for today with AMAZING Support (Kris & Per). With a 25mph West-Northwest wind at our face we did the 30km in just over 2 hours with the 1800ft of climbing. Great Day!


Last Summer Roller Ski Night!

A big Thanks to all of those who joined us this Summer at our Weekly Roller skis. It was great to see those who just started get to a new level and those who have been skier raise it to a NEW level. Keep Getting OUT THERE and we hope to see you at one of our events SOON!

Summer Training~ The BIG Question?

The BIG Question is “Why” should I engage in off season training. Beacause it will help you in all aspects. The Bikers and Runners say-“Oh I don’t need that, I need to ride or run” Well Folks we do. Off Season training involves a huge group of sports and activities to get you in better shape for the Nordic Season. From Different Dryland specific workouts with Bounding, Jumping, Invtervals, Pole work and more to Road and Mountain Bike riding, Roller skiing and even fun games of Soccer and Frisbee. You will see a huge difference if you participate in a bunch of different activities. Join us “Out There”! You may even see you biking and running get better!

The New ONEWAY Skate 13 Carbon Roller Ski From Out There!

Out There has partnered with ONEWAY for a Special Buy! Order the Newest, Lightest, Hottest Roller Ski on the Market the Carbon Skate 13 between now and March 1st and receive An Amazing price as well as a set of either NNN or SNS Profil bindings! Do not miss this chance to start your  roller ski season in the Right Direction “ONEWAY”!

We are continuing a Special Offer on the ONEWAY Skate 13’s Now thru April 30th Get a free pair of R3 or Pilot bindings with purchase!

**All roller skis will be delivered Early to Mid May 2012

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