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Ski from trees raise monies

This past weekend a longtime Nordic coach and friend gave us a wonderful pair of Madshus Birkebeiners 215cm with  lignostone edges as well. They need some love. So we will be restoring them fully along with new tar & wax**. We will then offer them up on Auction. From May 8th – 12th at http://www.ebay.com/itm/Madshus-Birkebeiners-215cm-/192174731559?roken=cUgayN

Proceeds will then be donated to the Club in which this coach works with in the UP of Michigan.

** The skis have 3 pin bindings currently. Post Auction we will contact the winner to see if they want different bindings. (additional fees may apply)



Björn Again!

This Year at the Marine O’Brien Race it was a NEW Björn winning the Annual Wood Ski Race~

Björn Hagstrom!

Congrats on a Great Race!




Photo Set from 2013: https://www.facebook.com/#!/media/set/?set=a.10151320437191173.464385.70518401172&type=1

In 1973, the first year of the Birkie, cross country skiers were  sporting the best athletic gear of the day–knickers, wooden skis, and  bamboo poles.

Now is your chance to re-live that era by participating in  the Birkie “Nikkerbeiner.” This retro 5K ski tour on wooden skis has  been named after the Norwegian word for knickers. This event will take  place on Main Street, Hayward, at 5:00 p.m., Thursday, February 21, prior to the Torch Lighting and Welcome Ceremony.

Tell us about the “old school” equipment and clothing you  will be using for the event. This will  give our announcer great commentary while you ski and help spectators  judge the best retro outfits at the finish line.



Don’t Have Wooden skis, Knickers or the like?

Stop in we have a Fantastic selection of Wooden Skis, NEW Wool Knickers, NEW 3 Pin boots & More! Look your best!

Also checkout www.woodenskis.com for resources regarding wooden skis!

Get ready for the Nikkerbeiner at the 42nd Annual Marine O’Brien~


42nd Annual Marine O’Brien Race & Wood ski event

Great Day! Photoset at:http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.555414714477912.128313.132951713390883&type=1

This will be the 42nd Annual MOB Event! Let’s Get Out There and support the Old Ski Race in Minnesota! Set Sunday Jan. 27th 2013 aside. More info to come. You can also follow the SCVSC on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/St-Croix-Valley-Ski-Club/182717148477664

To Register: http://www.zapevent.com/listactivities.aspx?eventid=3134


Tonight we are hosting a START Pine Tarring/ Wax Clinic & Pasty Dinner. Come learn about the amazing products for both Old World & New Tech grip & glide from a world leader in wax technology, From START to FINNISH! By the way START is from Finland!

More Wooden Skis!

They keep coming and then going out! Today another pair of amazing 200cm Madshus Brown top skis arrived. Get in and Get Out There!

Amazing pair of Madshus Birkebeiners

Yesterday a Classic Vintage pair of 195cm Madshus Birkebeiners arrived. These wooden skis are the creme de la creme of Treski (Wood skis in Norwegian). These inventory is growing in preperation for the 2011-2012 season. If you are interested in a pair of wooden skis for yourself or someone else ~ Let us know what you are looking for Besides thses we do have many other pair available for sale including one pair of TOKO woodies 180cm. We also offer Pine Tarring service & Wood Ski repair (Lignostone , etc.)

Wood skis arriving?

Yes that is correct, we have a nice stock of wood skis accumulating in the Caverns below and more on there way! We just aquired 2 pair of Madshus Birkebeiners  and a number of pair of Asnes also. Many more from TOKO, Janoy & More. Look for updates of when we start to bring them out into Wood Ski Alley in the shop!

Lots of Great things!

Remember to stop in if you are looking for that special gift for a birthday, father’s day or the like. Great items from SNOW PEAK, Karhu, Leki, prAna & More! Stop in for great items & Great prices. Many items on SALE!

Tarring Service for the Warriors & Inga : ~American Birkebeiner 2011

Out There is preparing the Wooden skis for 2 of the 3 people participating as the Warriors & Inga for the American Birkebeiner in 2011. Both Inga & Torstein have dropped off their skis and we are getting them tarred & waxed for this weekends Big Event!

For more information on this great event: