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40th Annual Marine O’Brien!

Fantastic Event today with great numbers. 60+ wood skiers!

Warm, Warm Woodies!

Well today in the cold blowing air we and a few others got out and Warmed up the Woodies! Great time and Great Friends!

Marine O’Brien Race. Jan 30th

Here is the link to the registration for a Great Nordic Ski Event coming up on Jan. 30th 2011. FOr the First 50 people in the Wooden Ski Event there is a Special commemorative bib.


Lost Virginity…..?

Well today at Out There a beautiful pair of undrilled 1970’s White Ash SNOGLIDE Barkeater’s came into the shop. We were fortunate to drill them first. They now have a beautiful pair of new Rotefella 3 pin bindings, and Alpina Blazer 3 pin boots. Also a fresh coat of Pine Tar. I wish I was the guy getting those for X-Mas.

A virgin (pre driling picture)

The “World” of Wooden Skis!

Well with the “World” of Wooden Skis it is always interesting. Tomorrow we are sending Pine Tar to England, Yes Great Britain. Sending Skis and Alpina 3 pin boots from Alaska to Maine, Colorado to The Northern Tip of the UP in Michigan. If you are looking the a full line of wood ski resources let us know!  At “Out There” we may be the only shop that has Wood Ski Makers on Staff.

Warm up your Woodies!

Winter is here and with the two big wood ski events in January just around the corner we are hosting the “Warm up your Woodies” Event. Come out the the Timberland Trail (Cumberland WI.) for a gathering of Wood Ski Enthusiasts. Get in a ski, talk a little tar and have some good food & drink. BYOB & Bring a dish to pass. No Charge, a donation to CASTA would be great and have some fun. Stay into the night. Sunday ski in the area also. Hope to see you there!

Also please invite more people!


Skiing in the Shadow of Genghis Khan! DVD now at Out There!

Now available at Out There: Nils Larsen’s Documentary on the History of Skiing in the Altai region of Northern China. If you are a True Nordic Enthusiast this is a must have.

We’ve got IT!

Well we presently have all of the known stock of START Pine Tar in the USA. Just arrived today. If you want the best for your woodies, heat them up with START Tar Service. But a word of caution, when we are out of START Tar it may be years before we get more in the USA so get it fast!

Wax & Pine Tarring Clinic

On Nov. 15th at Out There Nordic Sports Mike Lundeen of TOKO and Bjorn Hanson of Out There will be holding a TOKO wax clinic along with a START Pine Tarring Clinic. This will start at 6pm in the warehouse located in the parking lot of Out There/Burnell’s Decor (Door#1) Refreshments will be served. Hope to see your “Out There”!

TOKO Wooden Skis

Well we were very fortunate to aquire 3 pair of TOKO wooden skis. 1 Pair which are definetly wall hangers and are up in the shop, but 2 pair were in fantastic shape. Well A local well known TOKO rep. is now the owner of the 205cm pait with matching TOKO poles. We still do have 1 pair of 180 cm TOKO’s in the shop. They are beautiful and as pontied out to us by TOKO Switzerland, Very Rare. So if you are looking to add something to the collection do not miss out!