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Can You See the Forest for the Trees?

As we approach the Fall season and the start for many folks in the Nordic Community their journey to a Winter Event like the American Birkie, Swedish Vassaloppet, World Masters or a local 5km. For some this journey begins in Late April or Early May, but many it begins in October or when the snow starts to fall softly from the heavens. Also during this time many local ski clubs start to put ideas together for the upcoming season, reflect on the past season, look at budgets equipment etc. With those thing happening I have been hearing some crazy thoughts being said to folks you are TRULY Out There to Support Nordic. (Don’t support that group, they have different goals than ours, or I don’t like so and so) As a community we all need to sit back and look at a number of things to ensure that our sport in the USA gains traction, grows programming and develops long-term sustainability.

1. Support ALL Clubs (USSA, CXC, LNR, NESNA, NANA, FAST & Female, etc) and the things they are doing, like them or not are things that are trying to grow the sport in YOUR community.

2. Support trail Systems. Be it your local 3km loop, 20km trail with a lite section, or the Birkie Trail. All places that are being maintained for skiing require funding! So if you are skiing at a number of trail systems, sign up for even the individual membership. Put your name in the ring and go to an event the trail is having or spread the word to others. Unlike many of the European countries Nordic is not a Federally supported activity in our country (we can dream).

3. Introduce someone to the sport. There are 2 ways to do this. 1.Take someone who has never skied and get them Out There on the snow this season. Ski 1km with them on a flat section of trail and see the joy it brings. Do not take them to some World Cup course and say come on. GO somewhere that seems so easy it hurts and see what introducing someone to our sport in a positive way can do to bring a NEW dimension to the sport for you. 2. If that is to much donate to an organization such as NNF, CXC, etc. These organizations are ones that give funding to athletes as well as run “Learn to ski” programs “Skis to Schools” and such where your monies can get NEW skiers started.


I will leave you with these 3 simple things. We are not asking you to get on a trail board or give 20 hours to trail work or coaching. Start small! If the Sport of Nordic is something that you find important to you, we must learn to work together, agree to disagree and say “What we are doing, is that growing the sport in some fashion?” If we as a collective group of Trail Board Members, Parents, Kids, Shop Owners, Teachers, Manuf. Rep., etc. do this we will see OUR sport grow to NEW Heights!


 We challenge you to look Out There and SEE The Forest for the Trees!





The People who think they are Crazy enough to change the World~ Are the ONES who Do!


Original post from August 2014

Worldly Wisdom

Yesterday we had a visit from a GREAT friend, Worldloppet Gold Master & Global Master skier Ellis York. The most amazing thing about Nordic Skiing is the FAMILY and the Worldloppet is a Key Foundation in this. Article 3.1.4 in the WL Constitution:

3.1.4 To promote friendship among skiers of different nations, thereby strengthening peace in the world

We have been fortunate to be able to travel to ski other events around the globe, meet amazing people and forge amazing friendships with those people. To enjoy time sitting, having a beer, going for a walk, or a ski and discussing events, trails, and the goings on in the Nordic World is something we can only enjoy with fellow skiers. I learned last night from Ellis that he did not even own a pair of Nordic Skis until he was 45 yrs young. So get Out There, enjoy the sport of skiing, meet wonderful people, work with wonderful organizations and join in on something that promotes, health, wellness and peace!









Days to go until the 40th American Birkie

With Days to go until the 40th American Birkie make sure you get Out There and Get ready for your event! We will be open all week except on Saturday the 22nd. Look for us at many events from the Barnebirkie, Nikkerbeiner, Luminary ski, Giant ski & and the 54km Birkie Classic event!

We hope to see you OUT THERE SOON!

Gratulerer til Vibeke!

Congratulations goes out to A FAST Norwegian lady~ Vibeke Skofterud! She skied her 1st Swedish 90km Vasaloppet. Fischer skis & ONEWAY poles- Crushing the old record by nearly 9 minutes.  Fast woman skiers =Awesome!

Telemark deal is Done!

The landmark lodge in Northern Wisconsin Telemark has been fighting a number of years of difficulty, but yesterday Telemark Partners LLC closed the deal and will hopefully be bringing a new renaissance to the resort. With great vision and the already in progress CXC training facility we hope that this dawns a new day to the Legacy of the Late Tony Wise. We wish the best of luck to Ric, Steve & the gang!

For reservation and more info: http://telemark-resort.com/

TOKO Wooden Skis

Well we were very fortunate to aquire 3 pair of TOKO wooden skis. 1 Pair which are definetly wall hangers and are up in the shop, but 2 pair were in fantastic shape. Well A local well known TOKO rep. is now the owner of the 205cm pait with matching TOKO poles. We still do have 1 pair of 180 cm TOKO’s in the shop. They are beautiful and as pontied out to us by TOKO Switzerland, Very Rare. So if you are looking to add something to the collection do not miss out!