Worldly Wisdom

Yesterday we had a visit from a GREAT friend, Worldloppet Gold Master & Global Master skier Ellis York. The most amazing thing about Nordic Skiing is the FAMILY and the Worldloppet is a Key Foundation in this. Article 3.1.4 in the WL Constitution:

3.1.4 To promote friendship among skiers of different nations, thereby strengthening peace in the world

We have been fortunate to be able to travel to ski other events around the globe, meet amazing people and forge amazing friendships with those people. To enjoy time sitting, having a beer, going for a walk, or a ski and discussing events, trails, and the goings on in the Nordic World is something we can only enjoy with fellow skiers. I learned last night from Ellis that he did not even own a pair of Nordic Skis until he was 45 yrs young. So get Out There, enjoy the sport of skiing, meet wonderful people, work with wonderful organizations and join in on something that promotes, health, wellness and peace!