The COVID Journey Continues

Oh how the World is a changing place these days. If we look back 2 1/2 months we had what we felt was a “Normal” World.
Now as we enter month number three of a World with COVID-19 sometimes there are more questions than answers.
We have been workin thru this NEW WORLD we live in here in Small Town Rice Lake Wisconsin. We have been very fortunate that our local community has not been hit by the potentially FULL impact of COVID 19 as in many other communities throughout the World. After Two months of operating with Online orders and Curbside we are now working with limited hours of Open Doors. Currently we are running Mon- Fri from 9-4 Sat 10-12 and also by appointment. We are following COVID protocol for sanitizing in the store daily and have limited the areas currently open to customers. As we move forward our goal is to continue to provide Excellent Customer Service while keeping the Health & Safety of our customers in mind.  If you have any questions please call the shop 800-252-9583 or email us.
Team Out There Athletes: Team Page
During these new days it is especially hard for the professional athletes around the world. National Teams around the World are working to get back to training in a Safe & Productive way. We are wishing all of the Athletes we work with the Best of Training this off season and the Best of hopes for a full season of events ahead.

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