The Future of Waxing – Fluoro FREE

Greetings to all of you Out There!

As we see snow falling outside the shop here in Mid November of 2020 we want to let our clients know where WE are moving in the World of Waxing and the future.

Many of you may know that FIS the international governing body of skiing had planned to move forward with a Fluoro Ban for the 20/21 Season. Within the last few weeks they reversed that decision and have moved to implement for the 21/22 Season. With the anticipation of the change we geared up to be prepared for the “NEW WORLD” of waxes in both the kick and glide department.

As we move forward we are going to follow the lead of many Races, Venues and other Worldwide and be only offering Fluoro FREE Racing service this season for Jr events & Master (Adult) skiers events such as the Birkie and others. We feel it is best to put our best foot forward regarding the health of our wax staff, athletes  & the environment.

This all being said we also want folks to be educated and understand that in the world of Fluoro Free or Non-Fluoro that this does not mean that all there is is the world of what we have known as NF, CH or other Hydrocarbon Only Waxes. Yes that level of product still does exist, although all of the Major Wax Brands (SWIX, REX, START & Others) are moving forward on a great variety of waxes with other durable hydrophobic properties. Theses waxes will allow us to have access still to the levels of wax at a GOOD, Better, BEST & Ultimate Speed.  ALL of them being officially NON or Fluoro FREE waxes.

Stay Tuned for move waxing info coming soon, service options for Events like the American Birkie & Others

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