Training – Outreach opportunities expand

For many years we have offered coaching/training/skills opportunities here in Rice Lake. Over time these have come in many forms (ie: CXC Masters, 4591 SD Programming, Birkie Training Activities, etc)

When COVID hit in 2020 that changed things a little bit and many of those activities came to a halt. Some opportunities continued with one on one programs and remote online formats just trying to navigate the changing world. Well this spring we were approached by a group in the Madison area to revitalize some of those “In-Person” opportunities. We are so excited by the success that generated, that now it is expanding!

We are excited to announce that we will be expanding opportunities in the Central Wisconsin area (Nelsonville/Stevens Point) in collaboration with RUBY Coffee Roasters! RUBY makes some great products and as Wax Techs we NEED our Coffee. So they have been along side us with their STEPPED SINGLE SERVE option. Travels great and keeps us going from 4:30am mornings to 10:00pm wrap ups on klister application.

Launching here in July:


Coming this fall: Wax Clinics & More