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Go Gumby! GMVS Summer Camp


Location: Vermont

Athletes: Limited to 6 athletes (4 spots remain as of 3.27.17)

SPACE will be Limited so contact us if you are interested

Details : Join us for 5 days of training based on the Green Mountain Valley School campus in Waitsfield, VT. Training will include endurance, intensity, and strength work, making use of the GMVS Racing Performance Center and the amazing training venues we have here in the Mad River Valley.
2 Travel days are planned on each end of the trip

Ages: 8th grade – postgraduate year.

LIMITED to 6 Athletes ( 5 spots remain 3.25.17)

Cost: $859 ($475 GMVS Portion / $384 Travel, Food & Lodging) Payment options available

Will include Travel & Camp

Includes: meals, lodging, and coaching by GMVS staff and guest coaches.

Trip Leader from the Midwest will be our Coach Kris L200 Ussa/CXC & 1 other coach (YTBD)

REGISTRATION: http://outthereshop.com/products/gmvs-summer-camp

Camp Dates July 31st – August 4th 2017

With Travel July 29-Aug 6th


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4591 Sports Development


This Fall a local organization started in the Barron County Area called 4591 Sports Development.

45-91 is the Latitude & Longitude of Barron County, Programming is offered to Anyone in the Barron County Area

4591 is a 501(c)3 dedicated to Sport Development of Youth to Masters in the Barron County Region of Northern Wisconsin. Developing Nordic,  Jumping & other Silent Sports Athletes.

Summer programming in for is UP.


for details & registration

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NENSA U16 Championships- Farmington Maine


2017 NENSA U16 Championships

We are super proud of our own Kris Hanson (USSA/CXC L200 Coach) will be the Head Coach & Trip Leader for the 2017 trip to Titcomb Mountain in Farmington Maine! Supported by 3 other coaches from around the Midwest they will be taking 4 Female & 4 Male U16 Athletes to the event. In 2016 Coach Kris was an assistant to Coach Kelly Skillicorn. Look for updates from this great event in the coming weeks!

NENSA U16 Champs

NENSA U16 Championships 2017 Review



Birkie Fever


As I begin this email with under a week to go to the American Birkie Week Events the air is getting quite warm Out There. The Heat from the Birkie Fever is rising like the temps, As we look to the next week with warm temps & liquid moisture we would like to add some reflection on the Birkie & it’s events.

This is not the first run in for the Birkie with warm weather- over the 18 yrs I have been back we have had years with less snow and great races as well as a year with great snow and a race that wasn’t. Think about “WHY” you do the Birkie. There are a few folks on this email list that can say that they do it to have an opportunity to WIN the race. I will tell you that is only a hand full. The rest of us participate in the events of the American Birkie as a challenge to our self, to get Out There and prove that we can conquer a given distance on the snow. Unlike many other sports, Nordic Skiing is a very ever changing one. Weather, terrain, wax, fitness, and much more play apart in how the event or day on the trail can go. We have found though the Biggest component is Mental. As you prep for the next week and what Mother Nature will throw at us, take a deep breath, plan to enjoy what events unfold with friends, enjoy nature just “Be Out There”

We look forward to seeing you this next week. The shop will have coffee everyday from Bell Lap Coffee of Minnesota. http://www.belllapcoffee.com/

Other treats as well as AMAZING Fruit from our Friends at FRUITSHARE http://www.fruitshare.com/

Great deals of everything in the shop, conversation, Worldcup & Biathlon on the Tele and we plan to follow it up on Saturday Night in Rice Lake with some Post Birkie Fun at the White Stag! https://www.facebook.com/whitestagwi/

So remember for this Birkie no matter how Hot Mother Natures FEVER gets, Get Out There, enjoy.


Local Trails

Looking to find reports on the Great local trails we have near Rice Lake?


Free Ride to the Birkie

Once again the Rice Lake Tourism Board is offering a FREE Birkie Shuttle Service for folks stayin in Rice Lake Hotels for the event.  For more info on the Service for the 2017 American Birkie contact Nicki at 715-234-8888 or nicky@ricelaketourism.com



Hope to see YOU Out There Soon!

2017 Birkie Waxing Service


Well it’s the time of year we open our American Birkie Waxing Service. As always this is a Limited offering. for the past 5 years we have increased the number of skis each year and we continue to fill up.

F0r more details:


Reminder we have Drop locations in Madison & Stillwater. Once you have registered we will contact you with all of those bits of info!


Still needing Wax Service? Contact Ben Dubay at the Madshus Booth in the Expo

2017 Silver Mine Invitational Saturday

8-9am Nordic Combined US Cup at Tower Ridge

10am Gates Open

11 am Men’s & Ladies FIS Cup & 5 Hills Event

2:30 pm – Open Event

Xcel Energy Long Standing Jump (immediately following open event)


2017 Silver Mine Invitational Friday

3:30 pm Gates Open

4:00 pm – Open Event

6:00 pm – Opening Ceremonies

7:00 pm Men’s & Ladies FIS Cup & US Cup




The MADSHUS Propulsion is the ski that is changing the face of Distance Classic Marathons.

In the past decade the Double Poling technique in Classic has had a gigantic evolution in distance & sprint races around the world. So much to the point that MADSHUS has developed a Classic ski just for that technique. The Propulsion has an entirely different flex than other traditional classic skis.

HERE’S HOW While double poling, the skier’s weight is evenly divided between the two skis – both in the power and the gliding phases. This is different from skating or classic skiing. Focusing on this, the ski does not need to be engineered with a wax pocket camber or to hold the full body weight when skating. Instead we can design the ski with one thing in mind: gliding efficiency. Without having to worry about the dynamic movement of skating or the wax pocket of classic skiing, we engineered the Propulsion ski with even distribution of pressure points throughout the whole ski and a compliant but stiff camber profile which work together to provide more powerful accelerations, better glide and higher top speed.

This season we were the ONLY Brick & Mortar retailer to bring these skis to the US Market. We have been shipping them from Alaska to Quebec! We have a limited number of pairs left available along with the Madshus Super Nano Classic & Skate Boots!

If you want to complete YOUR quiver of skis contact us today! Add Propulsions to my Quiver!

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Mid-Winter Warm-Up Sale!


Jan. 16th- Jan. 24th

Our Mid-Winter Warm-Up SALE

ALL Madshus IGS (Intelligrips) & Fischer Twinskins 25% off

All Youth Skis 25% Off

All Waxless Skis 25% Off

All Specialty Warm base Skate & Classic Skis 25% Off




In-stock skis only

Night Ski


Once Again it is time to begin our weekly Night Ski events. Check out local trails, local food and have some good time Out There skiing!

Location & Date                                                          Time to start ski

Wed. Dec 21st- BANTA Trails Barron                    6pm

Tue. Dec. 27th- Spooner City Tails                         6pm

Tue. Jan. 3rd – “OO” Trail Head Seeley                 7pm

Tue. Jan 10th- Cancelled due to Weather

Tue. Jan 17th – Timberland Hills Lighted Trail    6:00pm

Wed. Jan 25th – Ladysmith Lighted Trail               6:30pm

Tue. Jan 31st – Tower Ridge Trail Eau Claire       6:30pm

Tue. Feb 7th – BANTA Trails Barron                       6:00pm


We will start with that. Please join us for these FUN evenings Out There on the trail!

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