Advancing Technology

Over the past decade we in partnership with coaches, wax techs, ski brands and others have developed a database for athletes and their skis, in order to educate & assist ALL of the parties at play in an athletes development. Beginning about 5 seasons ago, this developed into more specific information and individualized records for each athlete about them and their ski fit. This was done initially to aid us in knowing how ski fit changes season to season as well as information that can move forward with an athlete as their ski career develops. With continued great feedback on how this is aiding athletes & coaches in ski selection, waxing, and more, we continue to make refinements to make this information easier to access.

This spring, we had a request from a visually impaired athlete we work with on streamlining the information to be much more “viewable” at the ski specific level. Through their assistance and the knowledge gained from an APP they use to read information they cannot see, we have developed a NEW SMART LABEL system for athletes and their skis. This system takes the ski specific data tied to the ski and the athlete and puts it into a format that is embedded into a specific QR code that goes on a label for each pair of skis.

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