Roller Ski Maintenance


Every Season we get calls from folks who have pulled their Rollerskis out of where ever they left them last October or November (Or in the case of 23/24 Season February) they got to where they are going to ski and……….

The Binding is Broke, the Wheels are locked up, something is wrong or they were going down a hill (may be too fast for this early) and crash….

These are ALL reasons to do a good safety check on your rollerskis prior to heading out on the local trail or quiet country road. Over time things like road salt, dirt, grim, water and more play a part in wearing out your equipment. Things like temperature of the road surface can also have a large impact on wheel wear, stress applied to bindings, etc.

So make sure that you take a few minutes to do a proper safety check on your equipment, and Enjoy your time Out There this summer training season!

Don’t have time or don’t want to take the time?

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