Nordic Walking

Nordic walking is simply utilizing poles while walking.  It is a full body activity that can be done almost anywhere by all age groups and any fitness level.  The added upper body movement makes for a complete body exercise.  Nordic walking can help with balance, coordination, strength, endurance and makes hill climbing and descending easier.  The level of activity can be suited to the individual’s needs and adjusted to meet the person where they are physically.


Nordic walking can be a great recovery activity or tuned up an interval session.  Once a good Nordic walking stride is established, you can add more intensity through speed or turnover.  You can even work on Classic and Skate Ski technique and timing during the off season or in low snow conditions.  You can also add Nordic Walking while you are snowshoeing.


All you need is good footwear and a pair of poles.  It is suggested to start with a pole height that matches your hand height with your forearms 90 degrees to your upper arm (around your waist area).  The pole height can be adjusted up or down based on individual need, terrain or goal of workout.  A cross country style grip is handy but may not work for all individuals.  There are two types of Nordic Walking Poles that are suggested.  The fixed shaft poles, one piece, with a carbide tip that have a rubber foot option.   The adjustable shaft pole has one or two spots for adjustment with a carbide tip that has a rubber foot option for pavement surfaces.


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Kris Hanson

Out There Nordic