Why start Rollerskiing in the Summer?

The question we’ve asked for years is “Why don’t you start rollerskiing in the summer?”

For many people they love to do many activities, running, biking, skiing, etc… So over time we have seen how when the snow melts folks turn their focus to running or biking, when the air turns cold in the fall they get out the rollerskis and want to “ski” right up until the snow starts falling.

We have been long time advocates of starting your rollerskiing in May or June, why you ask? We many reasons:

  • Warmer Temps make for easier poling on softer blacktop (reducing elbow and shoulder issues)
  • Balance – helps your running & biking
  • Training variability – keeps things fresh and avoids other training injuries
  • Just way more fun when it’s not a cold & wet fall!

These are just a few of the key reasons. Folks often say they do not have time as they are preparing for a Marathon/Trail Run or a Biking event. In the first few months of rollerskiing especially for adults even 20-30min per week can have a huge return. Take those skis and find a nice quiet parking lot and for just 20-30 min a week work on agility, balance and feeling secure on your skis. That way when you are able to put more time in for longer workouts (even if not until fall) you will feel more comfortable, be less injury prone and be able to really get some quality workouts as you prepare for the SNOW Season!

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