Birkie 13′ In Review

Greetings to all of you Out There! Well the 2013 American Birkie has now past and Kris & I would LOVE to send out Huge “THANKS” to our customers from around the globe. Last week business in the shop far exceeded our goals to the point that we were so tired on Friday night we opt’d to pass on this years 54k Classic event. (Yes we passed on a ski race) As difficult as that was when we woke up after 12+ hrs of sleeping and started getting phone calls and text from many of you checking on us we had a great feeling inside of how GREAT the Folks OUT THERE really are! Within hrs of that the messages started to arrive letting us know the skis services by us and our recommendations produced “BOMBER KICK” and “CRAZY GLIDE” These reports came from local skiers to athletes from Norway, Russia, Latvia & More! Thanks again for what you do for us and we THANK YOU GREATLY for Getting OUT THERE!

2 responses to “Birkie 13′ In Review”

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