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Can You See the Forest for the Trees?

As we approach the Fall season and the start for many folks in the Nordic Community their journey to a Winter Event like the American Birkie, Swedish Vassaloppet, World Masters or a local 5km. For some this journey begins in Late April or Early May, but many it begins in October or when the snow starts to fall softly from the heavens. Also during this time many local ski clubs start to put ideas together for the upcoming season, reflect on the past season, look at budgets equipment etc. With those thing happening I have been hearing some crazy thoughts being said to folks you are TRULY Out There to Support Nordic. (Don’t support that group, they have different goals than ours, or I don’t like so and so) As a community we all need to sit back and look at a number of things to ensure that our sport in the USA gains traction, grows programming and develops long-term sustainability.

1. Support ALL Clubs (USSA, CXC, LNR, NESNA, NANA, FAST & Female, etc) and the things they are doing, like them or not are things that are trying to grow the sport in YOUR community.

2. Support trail Systems. Be it your local 3km loop, 20km trail with a lite section, or the Birkie Trail. All places that are being maintained for skiing require funding! So if you are skiing at a number of trail systems, sign up for even the individual membership. Put your name in the ring and go to an event the trail is having or spread the word to others. Unlike many of the European countries Nordic is not a Federally supported activity in our country (we can dream).

3. Introduce someone to the sport. There are 2 ways to do this. 1.Take someone who has never skied and get them Out There on the snow this season. Ski 1km with them on a flat section of trail and see the joy it brings. Do not take them to some World Cup course and say come on. GO somewhere that seems so easy it hurts and see what introducing someone to our sport in a positive way can do to bring a NEW dimension to the sport for you. 2. If that is to much donate to an organization such as NNF, CXC, etc. These organizations are ones that give funding to athletes as well as run “Learn to ski” programs “Skis to Schools” and such where your monies can get NEW skiers started.


I will leave you with these 3 simple things. We are not asking you to get on a trail board or give 20 hours to trail work or coaching. Start small! If the Sport of Nordic is something that you find important to you, we must learn to work together, agree to disagree and say “What we are doing, is that growing the sport in some fashion?” If we as a collective group of Trail Board Members, Parents, Kids, Shop Owners, Teachers, Manuf. Rep., etc. do this we will see OUR sport grow to NEW Heights!


 We challenge you to look Out There and SEE The Forest for the Trees!





The People who think they are Crazy enough to change the World~ Are the ONES who Do!


Original post from August 2014

Supporting the Birkie in the Fluoro BAN

As the American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation moves forward to with a FLUORO FREE Venue & Races we want our Birkie Skiing clients to know that we are leading the charge in FLUORO FREE Waxes.

We will once again be offering Birkie Race Service for the 2021 event. Details surrounding the multiple race days will come out after the first of the year.  There will be equivalent service options in the past to the LF & Full service options. They will employ the use of the FLUORO FREE products. We will be testing all levels of the NEW FLUORO Free products this season to still ensure FAST Skis.

Support us & the FUTURE of Skiing with FLUORO FREE Wax services.

Wanting to get more info as it becomes available?

Join Us 


Info on the NEW Waxes from:

SWIX- https://www.swixsport.com/us/collections/pro-by-swix/

REX- https://rex.fi/en/fluor-free-glide-waxes

START – http://www.startskiwax.com/en/skiwaxes/gliders/rg-race

& Many Others

Birkie Race Service 2019

Well it’s the time of year we open our American Birkie Waxing Service. As always this is a Limited offering. For the past 9 seasons we have increased the number of skis each year and we continue to fill up.

We will be testing the full week leading up to the race on the Birkie Trail, working to provide the Best Service Out There!

As of 2.19.19 – FULL – But worth Checking

As of 2.19.19 – 15 sports remain for Partnership Service in Hayward with Madshus/Ben Dubay

For more details: Birkie Race Service

Reminder we have Drop locations in Madison & Stillwater. Once you have registered we will contact you with all of those bits of info!

2018 Birkie Wax Service

Well it’s the time of year we open our American Birkie Waxing Service. As always this is a Limited offering. for the past 6 years we have increased the number of skis each year and we continue to fill up.

F0r more details: AS of 2.12.18 We are FULL contact us for additional details


Reminder we have Drop locations in Madison & Stillwater. Once you have registered we will contact you with all of those bits of info!

Birkie Fever

As I begin this email with under a week to go to the American Birkie Week Events the air is getting quite warm Out There. The Heat from the Birkie Fever is rising like the temps, As we look to the next week with warm temps & liquid moisture we would like to add some reflection on the Birkie & it’s events.

This is not the first run in for the Birkie with warm weather- over the 18 yrs I have been back we have had years with less snow and great races as well as a year with great snow and a race that wasn’t. Think about “WHY” you do the Birkie. There are a few folks on this email list that can say that they do it to have an opportunity to WIN the race. I will tell you that is only a hand full. The rest of us participate in the events of the American Birkie as a challenge to our self, to get Out There and prove that we can conquer a given distance on the snow. Unlike many other sports, Nordic Skiing is a very ever changing one. Weather, terrain, wax, fitness, and much more play apart in how the event or day on the trail can go. We have found though the Biggest component is Mental. As you prep for the next week and what Mother Nature will throw at us, take a deep breath, plan to enjoy what events unfold with friends, enjoy nature just “Be Out There”

We look forward to seeing you this next week. The shop will have coffee everyday from Bell Lap Coffee of Minnesota. http://www.belllapcoffee.com/

Other treats as well as AMAZING Fruit from our Friends at FRUITSHARE http://www.fruitshare.com/

Great deals of everything in the shop, conversation, Worldcup & Biathlon on the Tele and we plan to follow it up on Saturday Night in Rice Lake with some Post Birkie Fun at the White Stag! https://www.facebook.com/whitestagwi/

So remember for this Birkie no matter how Hot Mother Natures FEVER gets, Get Out There, enjoy.


Local Trails

Looking to find reports on the Great local trails we have near Rice Lake?


Free Ride to the Birkie

Once again the Rice Lake Tourism Board is offering a FREE Birkie Shuttle Service for folks stayin in Rice Lake Hotels for the event.  For more info on the Service for the 2017 American Birkie contact Nicki at 715-234-8888 or nicky@ricelaketourism.com



Hope to see YOU Out There Soon!

Birkie 16′ One FUN Time Out There!

Wow, once again the Nordic Season flies by and we are already nearing March! This years 43rd American Birkie shaped up to be a good one. With warm weather coming in it made for exciting times waxing. Before going any further I must extend a HUGE Thanks to my wife ~ Kris. She once again does amazing things from working in the shop, behind the scenes and waxing. Along with assisting young athletes at the Jr. Birkie and the morning of the Birkie prior to setting off for her race. THANK YOU! A couple others to mention, my dad (Burnell), Jasmine Wiley and many others for your help that week.

This year I took a NEW perspective on the event as I completed my 15th running of the American Birkie. I dropped back from my wave with my friend Collin to ski with a friend of ours Shannon. Shannon was skiing his 1st Classic Birkie from wave 5. Starting in a later wave was much more laid back and amazingly fun. For the first time in years I was able to ski with folks and have a conversation, stop at the 39k Club for a Shot Ski & doughnut hole, assist racers who were having trouble with wax and just have an great day enjoying nature, skiers and the trail. I challenge those folks who are fortunate enough ski in the front on trails that are in great shape to find a friend or a new skier to join on a journey from Cable to Hayward sometime and see a NEW view of the event and the trail. You may be pleasantly surprised!


See You Out There SOON!

Become a Birkie Museum Founder

Hey folks, we hope you’ll join us in getting on board as a Founder of the Tony Wise Museum of the American Birkebeiner. You’ll find more information at the Museum’s Virtual Race Bag entry, or you can go directly to www.birkie.com/museum. There, you’ll learn how your donation will make a difference and the nifty perks that Founders will receive; then you can click on the link to make a donation. Need an extra incentive? All donors of $250 or more will receive a free Essential Wax Service ($40 value) from Out There.


Fine Print:
Donations must be made between now race day, February 20, 2016. Wax Service must be claimed by December 31, 2016. Cannot be combined with any other promotion or used as a value toward another waxing service

Birkie 2016 Waxing Service ~ Registration Open

Well it’s the time of year we open our American Birkie Waxing Service. As always this is a Limited offering. for the past 5 years we have increased the number of skis each year and we continue to fill up. As of 2.12.16 we are now Full. For any skiers still needing Top Coats ore arriving from Outside the USA we may still accommodate your needs. Please call or email us

F0r more details:



Reminder we have Drop locations in Madison & Stillwater. Once you have registered we will contact you with all of those bits of info!

Birkie Trail Run & Trek



Details & Registration at: http://www.birkie.com/trailrun


Birkie Wrap…. Skis were Fast!

We filled our Birkie Wax service once again. Post race we like to survey our customers to get their thoughts. Here are just a few!

– Your waxing gave me the confidence I needed to finish my first full Birkie~ so happy to find someone willing to help with the kick wax! On the very first hill, I heard others around me complaining about their wax, and I felt great – ran right up the hills over and over. I was very happy with the wax results. I’ll be back~ thanks!

– Excellent work on my skis! I flew past people on downhills, glided further uphills before pushing, and sadly…needed to snowplow to avoid running people over and I had to stop behind walkers on the uphills. I unhesitatingly recommend your waxing service to skiers looking to improve their performance.

– Thank-you for the lightning fast skis! They had great kick and killer glide. Definitely will get the service again next year!!

– I could not ask for any better service. The skies were fast, the kick excellent and the advice superior. Thank you!


We feel that sums it up!