Birkie Wrap…. Skis were Fast!

We filled our Birkie Wax service once again. Post race we like to survey our customers to get their thoughts. Here are just a few!

– Your waxing gave me the confidence I needed to finish my first full Birkie~ so happy to find someone willing to help with the kick wax! On the very first hill, I heard others around me complaining about their wax, and I felt great – ran right up the hills over and over. I was very happy with the wax results. I’ll be back~ thanks!

– Excellent work on my skis! I flew past people on downhills, glided further uphills before pushing, and sadly…needed to snowplow to avoid running people over and I had to stop behind walkers on the uphills. I unhesitatingly recommend your waxing service to skiers looking to improve their performance.

– Thank-you for the lightning fast skis! They had great kick and killer glide. Definitely will get the service again next year!!

– I could not ask for any better service. The skies were fast, the kick excellent and the advice superior. Thank you!


We feel that sums it up!