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Post Birkie ~ Thank You!

Thud…….. Yes that is Kris & I plopping down on the couch yesterday. Well it has been a great, wild last couple of weeks Out There. Great planning in 14′ and great support from some great folks Out There ~ Jasmine Wiley, Annie Rumley,, Justin Rumley, Michael MacMillan, Evan Schroeder and others that helped with the madness of Birkie Week to roll along. From skis arriving from around the Midwest, Busy days in the shop, American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation events like the VIP… Dinner, Opening Ceremonies, Jr. Birkie, Nikkerbeiner & 5/10K, Expo & Then the Birkie Day itself it was a wild, but Fun Week! Thanks again for the support. Those of you who are customers doing business with us ~ (Which then goes to supporting Great Events…) Kris & I will continue to do our part to bring great things to you Out There and we hope that YOU will continue to enjoy & support getting Out There with us! Year number 6 now begins on this great adventure Out There…..

Tusen Takk
Bjørn Kristin & Per!

Family Ski & Nikkerbeiner

Gather with your Friends, Family & More!

Get Out the Knickers, Wooden Skis, and Bamboo Poles!

In 1973, the first year of the Birkie, cross country skiers were sporting the best athletic gear of the day — woollen knickers, wooden skis, and bamboo poles.

You can re-live that era by participating in the Birkie “Nikkerbeiner.” This retro 5K ski tour on wooden skis has been named after the Norwegian word for knickers. This event will take place on Main Street, Hayward, at 3:30 p.m., Friday, February 20th.  The event will start just prior to the Family Fun Ski 5K/10K.


Birkie Family 5/10Km & Nikkerbeiner Official Sponsor

Well we & the great folks at the ABSF have finalized our agreement and it’s now official. We will be the Title Sponsor of the Family 5/10km & Nikkerbeiner events! This will increase from our past support of the Nikkerbeiner. Along with that we have agreed to Continue our support of additional Great Events with the ABSF in our continued support of the Birkie Trek! We hope to


Family Ski & Nikkerbeiner : http://www.birkie.com/ski/events/nikkerbeiner/

Birkie Trek: http://www.birkie.com/run/events/birkie-trail-run/

Another GREAT Birkie Trail Run & Trek!

Another year has flown by and another Birkie Trail Run & Trek (BTRT) is in the books. This year we had over 75 people Out There representing the shop. 2- 6person Relays, 2 – 3person relays, 1 person in the marathon , over 20 in each of the 1/2 marathon, Trek & 6km. Loads of Fun by everyone. Also numerous podiums in age classes, top 10’s in Multiple events and the WINNER of the Trek~ Bill Miller. Thanks to everyone again who got Out There for the 2014 BTRT!


Kris & Bjorn

Photoset: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.796211747102878.1073741831.100001421792322&type=1


Birkie Trail Run & Trek Team fills!

With over 1 month to go our Birkie Trail Run & Trek Team fills!  This being our 4th Year of Sponsorship we are excited to have such a Group of wonderful folks going to be Out There! 75 people will be at the events wearing their Out There Colors this year. Form 2 years ago with 30, last year with 50 and now 75. Nearly 8% of all the participants will be Out There. We have people in the Team Marathons (both 6 & 3 person teams), Individual Marathon, 1/2 Marathon, Nordic Walk (Trek), 6km and Youth events. There are many perks to being Out There for different events, in the future look to join us.


Want to join us for other events?

Get Out There Group on Facebook


Nordic Walk / Trail Run at the NEW Birkie Ridge Trailhead

Come and join us and the ABSF for a Nordic Walk & Trail Run at the Birkie Ridge Trailhead. We will leave at 1pm and head for an out and back. Going up to the Birkie Trail, going to a turn around point and returning. We will be on New & Existing sections of the Trail Run & Trek courses. We will follow up afterwards with a trip to the River’s Eatery. Want to Nordic Walk and do not have poles? Email us and we can have some there for you. info@outthereshop.com RSVP if you can. Hope to see YOU Out There!

FB Event at: https://www.facebook.com/events/1616953701863260/

Training Partnership with ABSF

Presented by the Birkie
Hosted by Out There


A big idea here at the American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation is to be part of and support your year-round healthy, outdoor lifestyle. Although we put on some great events, we know there’s more going on for you the rest of the year–like getting ready for those events or just getting out and enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

That’s why we incorporated a
“Programming” page on our new Birkie website and a link to that on all of our “Ski,” “Run,” Bike,” “Live” web pages. To get moving and make that dream a reality, starting this summer, we decided to connect with a group that is already “Out There” doing all this already.

Out There Nordic Sports is headquartered in Rice Lake, WI, about an hour south of Hayward. It is owned and run by Bjorn and Kristin Hanson, who have been leading training and recreational groups through Out There for five years. In addition to leading groups on the Birkie Trail, they also hit up a lot of other area trails so they can welcome more people–beginners and seasoned athletes alike–to all the great active lifestyle resources that are all around us.

The Birkie is not just a destination. As a true lifestyle, it happens wherever you are. So, come and enjoy the Birkie Trails, but we’re also happy to bring the Birkie Lifestyle to you, wherever you live and train!

This is just the beginning. We hope you will be part of it!

It was just Great to be Out There~ Birkie 14′

Another one is in the books. The ’14 Birkie was one that will be discussed for awhile. From 15″+ of New Dry Snow that arrived just over a day before, to Wind, Cold and more. As folks discuss the race many are not overly pleased with their time, others their skis etc. We always need to reflect on Nordic Events much differently than cycling, running and many other events. Things to always consider:

1. Event organizers are always trying to deliver the BEST conditions. This can be made difficult by Mother nature not delivering small, frequent amounts of the proper moisture snow followed by a drop in temp. We did well this year as Europe has suffered poor to no snow and events like the Tartu Marathon in Estonia had to be cancelled.

2. Few sports have as many variables. From Training (A Big One), equipment, wax, grinds, temps, wind snow moisture……

3. Your personal energy level

4. If you have are competitive: How did you do in relation to others.

(But do you know what they did to prepare?)

Probably not, so don’t sweat it. Some days are your and others not.

5. Just remember~ You were Out There. First, middle or last there is a whole entire WORLD of people who will never take on a challenge like Nordic Skiing and you DID.

So look back at it as a great life experience that you can challenge yourself and others to again. With today you have 363 days to go so Get Out There!



Well Folks the Birkie is just over 1 week away! The weather is going to throw us a FAST ball with temps early next week in the upper 30’s! Keep any eye out for wax reports. If you are one of the folks that signed up for our Birkie Wax Service remember all skis must be to the shop no later than Noon on Tuesday!

We will have a Team at the Giant Ski on Friday. Start time is Noon on Main Street in Hayward. Be sure to be Out There and Cheer them on!

Nikkerbeiner & Family Ski will follow up at 2:15 so get out the woodies and tar them up. Join folks in vintage ski attire and vintage skis.

Today we have learned that Sarah Murphy – Team Out There sponsored athlete and World Cup Biathlete will be joining us for the 2014 American Birkie. She will be racing in the Elite Women’s Skate wave so make sure to Be Out There and Cheer her on!

If you are looking for great deals on clothing, race suits, skis & more be sure and stop in soon!

See you Out There!

Birkie Wax Service 14′

Full! 2.10.14 ~ We do have room for International Skiers. If you are traveling to the USA for the 2014 Birkie and need race service please email us at info@outthereshop.com to make arrangements.

2014 Waxing service for the American Birkie

We pride ourselves in providing YOU the Best Service & Best Products for your event!



Full Race Service$89.99

LF Service $49.99

 (Fluoro) Only $29.99

Kick Waxing $29.99

To Prepay for Waxing Service: https://outtherenordic.wpengine.com/shop/services-waxing/

What you receive for you money?

* Both services include full base prep of SWIX’S BP service system 99 & 77

*LF Service will then include layers for durability and finish of a LF Wax Of The Day

*Full Race service will include this along with the HF & Fluro’s spec’d for your wave & weather/snow conditions

* Top coat only will be the Pure Fluro of the day!

*Skis must arrive at the shop no later than NOON on Tuesday the 18th of February unless prior arrangements have been made

*Additional Drop off locations

Madison Area & Stillwater

– Contact info for the drop off sites will be forwarded to you upon reservation

Cutoff time for Madison is Feb. 15th at 5pm and Stillwater on the 18th at 5pm

* Ski pick up can be done at the shop starting on Friday

*Additional pick up in Hayward Details TBA

We Thank You for the opportunity to provide Race Service for you and hope that our service and depth of waxing make this the BEST Race Service option for you and your equipment.

To sign up ahead of time or for more information please contact us at 800.252.9583 or info@outthereshop.com

Staying in Rice Lake for the Birkie?

The Rice Lake Tourism Board is offering rides to and from the 2013 American Birkebeiner FREE of charge if you are staying in a Rice Lake Hotel!

To sign up for this please contact: Nicky Repka Visitor Coordinator, Rice Lake Tourism Office Email: nicky@ricelaketourism.com

Phone: 715-234-8888 Toll Free:  800-523-6318 Fax: 715-434-8888

Please email or fax the following information:

_ Your Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Event Name, Start Time, Hotel Where You Are Staying
Departure Times: Vans will be leaving Early on Saturday morning. If you wish to ride the return van, times and pick-up locations in Hayward will be posted closer to the event.